Smart Marketing For Inventors Chapter 1 Why Protect Your Invention First

Smart Marketing For Inventors Chapter 1 - Why protect your invention first?
If you​ do not protect your invention by means of​ filing a​ patent application,​ anyone can steal your invention and profit from it​ themselves.
While a​ patent application does not provide the​ benefits of​ patent protection,​ that is​ to​ exclude others from making,​ using,​ offering for sale,​ selling,​ or​ importing the​ invention in​ the​ country in​ which the​ patent issues,​ it​ does at​ least hopefully discourage others from stealing your invention.
That is​ because you​ can mark your product as​ patent pending or​ patent applied for if​ you​ have applied for a​ patent thereon.
The actual date of​ application,​ the​ type of​ patent application filed,​ and the​ claims submitted should be kept secret so that for all any potential copier of​ your invention knows,​ your patent may issue at​ any time,​ thus giving you​ the​ opportunity to​ enforce your patent rights against such person,​ who would be an​ infringer of​ your patent.
If you​ reveal that you​ just filed your patent application,​ that it​ is​ a​ provisional patent application,​ or​ that it​ is​ a​ design patent application,​ it​ gives the​ potential copier of​ your invention an​ idea that your patent will not issue for quite a​ while,​ and an​ idea of​ the​ scope of​ protection you​ may ultimately receive.
The bottom line,​ timely consult a​ competent patent attorney or​ patent agent to​ discuss the​ details of​ protecting your invention!
Best regards,​
Brian R .​
Rayve,​ Esq.

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