Small Business Marketing Tips

Small Business Marketing Tips
If you’re a​ small business owner,​ you​ probably don’t have a​ lot to​ spend on​ marketing .​
That’s okay,​ many small businesses aren’t taking full advantage of​ the​ many opportunities they have for marketing their business in​ basic ways that cost little or​ nothing to​ implement .​

There are a​ number of​ things you​ can do to​ leverage your existing contact points with prospects and customers that require some initial effort to​ produce but go a​ long way in​ promoting your business,​ products,​ or​ services .​
Some of​ these methods include:
1. Business Cards .​
For less than $20,​ you​ can have a​ virtual billboard that promotes your business .​
Surprisingly many businesses forget about this great way to​ promote your business,​ your products,​ or​ special offers .​
When ordering your business cards,​ think about how you​ can use the​ space effectively .​
Some of​ the​ best business cards that I’ve seen include specific URL’s on​ the​ back for accessing free information,​ tools,​ resources,​ or​ product demo’s .​
I’ve even seen some with coupons on​ the​ back that turn business cards into a​ customer staple – giving them an​ incentive to​ have your business card handy at​ all times.
2. Invoices .​
Do you​ send your customers an​ invoice in​ print or​ electronically? If you​ do,​ use the​ invoice to​ promote your brand,​ product or​ service .​
This is​ also a​ valuable touch point to​ thank your customers and prompt them to​ learn about other things you​ offer .​
Some of​ the​ more effective messaging for your next invoice might be,​ Thank you​ for your business .​
to​ learn more about our frequent shopper program call 1-800-555-1234 .​
This simple message can increase awareness and get your customers to​ take notice.
3. Emails .​
Nothing in​ marketing performs as​ well as​ your very own list of​ customer emails .​
Customers who offer their email address want to​ hear from you​ .​
Do what you​ can to​ encourage customers to​ provide you​ with their email address .​
you​ can always provide a​ small incentive like a​ pen with your business’s name on​ it,​ free information,​ or​ a​ white paper addressing an​ area of​ growing importance .​
Once you​ have this email list,​ communicate to​ your customers on​ a​ regular basis and encourage them to​ do more business with you​ .​
Satisfied customers are likely to​ forward your emails to​ others,​ growing the​ size of​ your customer base.
4. Thank you​ Notes .​
a​ number of​ small businesses are very effective at​ communicating with their customers .​
These businesses use every shipment as​ a​ vehicle to​ promote their products or​ thank their customers .​
you​ should do the​ same .​
When you​ make a​ sale and are shipping a​ product,​ insert a​ short thank you​ note that offers your gratitude and willingness to​ hear from the​ customer or​ perhaps your latest catalog or​ flyer .​
This goes a​ long way in​ showing your appreciation for you​ customer and interest in​ building a​ long term relationship with them.
5. Online Coupons or​ Offers .​
When you​ have a​ particular product to​ sell,​ you​ should offer information about it​ on​ your website .​
Additionally,​ offer an​ incentive for prospective customers (new customers) .​
When individuals are on​ your website and take interest in​ your product or​ service,​ providing an​ incentive to​ buy can drive considerable response rates .​
you​ might be concerned about discounting your product or​ service to​ existing customers so be clear that your offer is​ only for new customers .​
Your existing customers understand that you’re trying to​ grow your business and won’t be disappointed to​ learn that you’re giving an​ incentive to​ new customers only.
6. Free Samples .​
Giving away free samples is​ one of​ the​ most effective marketing tactics available today .​
Even if​ you​ have a​ service business,​ offering up a​ method for prospective buyers to​ try a​ derivative of​ your service without paying for it​ can lead to​ increased trials and conversions .​
Large consumer product companies like Proctor and Gamble know that once a​ consumer decides that he or​ she likes the​ product,​ they will become a​ customer for an​ extended period of​ time which more than pays for the​ cost of​ their promotion.
7. Encourage Referrals .​
Small businesses that leverage the​ power of​ referrals experience strong growth .​
When you​ have others suggesting your product or​ service it’s like having your very own sales team .​
These referrals are even more powerful because,​ like word-of-mouth,​ the​ prospect is​ being encouraged to​ buy from an​ existing customer,​ associate,​ expert,​ or​ influencer .​
Think about how you​ can encourage referrals from your customers or​ other service providers .​
One way is​ to​ ask other vendors to​ distribute information about your business to​ their customer base in​ exchange for you​ doing the​ same.
Marketing doesn’t have to​ cost a​ lot .​
Use your own business to​ communicate your marketing messages and increase lead generation .​
These simple methods are effective for any small business owner regardless of​ industry,​ product,​ or​ service offering .​
Implement some or​ all of​ them to​ see the​ power of​ effective small business marketing.
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