Six Marketing Strategies In Web 2 0 World

Six Marketing Strategies In Web 2 0 World

In Web 1.0 world,​ we are using internet banner ads,​ text ads,​ email,​ newsletters as​ our internet marketing vehicles to​ drive our marketing message to​ our potential clients online. Today,​ internet had been transitioned to​ web 2.0,​ new internet marketing strategies are needed to​ continue be successful in​ internet world.

With Web 2.0,​ we need to​ consider not only the​ new means of​ reaching our online audience but also the​ new nature of​ the​ social Web. Weblogs,​ blogs,​ and other web 2.0 sites dabbling with social media tools such as​ wikis,​ podcasts,​ videocasting,​ photo sharing sites,​ social bookmarking are the​ key marketing vehicle to​ drive internet traffic to​ the​ targeted websites.

So,​ as​ an​ internet marketer for Web 2.0 world and to​ be successful in​ an​ era where customers are freely discuss your products and services,​ you​ should consider the​ 5 important marketing strategies below:

1. Learn about social media

Social media is​ one the​ most important "must know" knowledge in​ Web 2.0. Thus,​ the​ first and foremost,​ you​ should participate in​ and understand social media by learning about it. YouTube,​,​ Flickr,​ digg,​ MySpace,​ and Technorati are examples of​ new engines that you​ need to​ understand in​ order to​ effectively use them to​ reach your markets.

2. Marketing Plan For Web 2.0

You should factor let your visitors to​ play a​ more important role in​ your new marketing plan for Web 2.0. Let your website visitors to​ create content on​ your site and pass it​ a​ long. you​ even can your passionate users to​ create promotional videos about your sites/products,​ then use them on​ your local TV channels and post them online everywhere to​ get maximum exposure.

3. Join & Participate in​ the​ Conversation

Social media applications are two-way streets that conversation happens between two or​ more parties. to​ get exposure,​ you​ can join and participate to​ these conversation groups. you​ can join as​ members to​ other social media groups of​ your niche marketing or​ you​ can add social tools and services (such as​ Weblogs,​ wikis,​ tagging,​ video blogs,​ etc.) to​ your library Web sites. Enable comments on​ blogs and allow users to​ contribute to​ wikis.

4. Be Remarkable

Social media is​ a​ form of​ viral marketing where interesting ideas and content get passed along rapidly. Hence,​ in​ Web 2.0 world,​ content is​ the​ king. you​ must have contents that attract your visitors that they can use,​ bookmark,​ share online / offline and get your content or​ message pass along.

5. Get Your Content Travel

Encourage visitors to​ bookmark and tag your content with a​ click of​ a​ button and allow users to​ repost booklists,​ book reviews,​ photos,​ podcasts,​ or​ videos on​ their own sites. Post your content on​ sites like Flickr and YouTube where it's easy for users to​ find and share it. Make news feeds for new materials such as​ books,​ DVDs,​ talking books,​ and video feeds so that these materials can be shared by online users and get your contents spread to​ the​ internet world.

6. Be part of​ the​ multimedia wave in​ Web 2.0 world,​ images and static pictures no enough to​ attract internet users any more,​ video is​ the​ key driver for Web 2.0. Statistic shows that more than 100 million videos being download daily. So,​ the​ effective of​ video marketing must not be overlooked. Create short videos and post them to​ YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

In Summary

These are just a​ few strategies about marketing in​ a​ Web 2.0 world. There are still a​ lot of​ ideas for social media marketing where you​ can explore and integrate into your web 2.0 marketing plan.

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