Six Easy Steps For Writing A Personal Wedding Song To Your Wife

Husbands can create a​ loving environment and successful marriage by showing their wives how much they are loved and cherished. in​ his ground-breaking book,​ "Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars,​" John Gray outlined the​ important differences between men and women. One of​ his key findings is​ that wives love to​ be touched and held. Wives love to​ be told,​ in​ a​ gentle and humble way,​ how important they are to​ their husbands. One of​ the​ most touching ways that a​ husband can show honor and respect to​ his wife is​ to​ write a​ personal wedding song for her. No matter if​ a​ husband has been married for a​ month or​ longer than 50 years,​ he can renew his marriage every day with a​ personal wedding song.

“What me sing? No way!” most husbands may say. “I can’t carry a​ tune,​ let alone do a​ solo.” While it​ may seem challenging,​ a​ personal wedding song is​ simply a​ love poem set to​ music. I know from personal experience of​ writing,​ recording and singing a​ wedding song to​ my wife,​ that it​ can be done. When I started,​ I had no guidance,​ just a​ gut intuition. All it​ takes to​ get started is​ to​ know what steps to​ take and then take the​ first step. Here are six steps every husband can take to​ show his wife what a​ treasure she is.

Step One. Acknowledge Your Wife

Write down five attributes that you love about your wife and admire her for. What five would you choose? is​ she,​ an​ excellent listener,​ your best friend? Does she have a​ friendly and warm smile or​ a​ hilarious sense of​ humor? Does she love to​ surprise you? if​ you can list ten or​ more things,​ all the​ better.

Step Two: Write Down the​ Special Things She Loves

What does your wife treasure? My wife Cheryl loves purple,​ she loves to​ hold hands and be hugged,​ she is​ very action oriented,​ she is​ so thoughtful,​ she never forgets a​ family member’s birthday. She loves greeting cards,​ music,​ plays,​ going out to​ dinner. She is​ very wise about relationships. a​ personal wedding song should focus on​ what is​ unique and special to​ your wife and your relationship.

Step Three: Put Yourself and Your Feelings into the​ Song

I wrote a​ personal wedding song for my wife after 14 years of​ marriage. I titled it​ “Song of​ Our Marriage.” I wrote a​ touching refrain that honored her with a​ title,​ her role in​ my life and what that has done for me. the​ lyrics to​ the​ refrain go like this:

“Teacher of​ wisdom,​ you’ve shown me God’s face,​ your strength is​ gentle and fine as​ white lace. You listen with heart strings that sing out a​ song,​ it’s your love that makes me feel strong.”

Using your list in​ Step 2,​ choose several of​ your wife’s best traits and write down what they mean to​ you. if​ you need help with rhyming,​ you can get a​ Rhyming Dictionary. or​ you can read books of​ poems or​ search the​ Internet through a​ Google Search to​ get a​ starter idea. Make sure to​ personalize your words,​ though,​ so that they come from your heart. You want to​ be authentic; a​ cheap copy of​ someone else passed off as​ your own may work against you.

Step Four: Make it​ Simple: Two Verses and a​ Refrain (more if​ you can)

Make your personal wedding song easy to​ sing,​ but unique to​ your wife. For example,​ remember the​ poems that start,​ “Roses are red,​ violets are blue?” You can expand that phrase into a​ verse,​ like:

"Roses are red,​ violets are blue,​
I can’t see myself living without you.
You are my wife,​ the​ crown of​ my life,​
my life would be empty without you.”

Step Five: Use a​ Familiar Tune for the​ Music

Did you know that is​ acceptable to​ "borrow" a​ melody (as long as​ you don’t sell it​ or​ claim it​ as​ your own) for your personal wedding song? in​ fact,​ if​ your wife has a​ special song that she likes,​ you might learn how to​ write lyrics that go along with it. if​ you get serious,​ you could find a​ musician or​ studio to​ help. When I wrote “Song of​ Our Marriage,​” I figured out the​ melody by humming it,​ plunking out the​ keys on​ a​ piano and then finding a​ studio that produced the​ accompaniment. Use the​ Internet to​ find someone who can help. With downloadable MP3 files,​ you can actually produce a​ song on​ your PC.

Step Six: Sing the​ Song to​ Your Wife and Frame the​ Lyrics

Now comes the​ most important part – the​ delivery. Don’t write a​ personal wedding song and then stick it​ in​ your golf bag. Perform it​ for your wife. Record it. Frame the​ lyrics and hang the​ song in​ your bedroom or​ kitchen. For “Song of​ Our Marriage,​” I created even a​ photo album with pictures of​ my wife in​ Lilac Park,​ in​ Disney World,​ with her friends,​ and more in​ several sections. Each section of​ the​ album reflected the​ verse and refrain from the​ personal wedding song.

There you have it,​ six steps to​ writing a​ personal wedding song for your wife. it​ takes work. if​ I can do it,​ you can do it​ too. Go ahead,​ take a​ risk. Your wife will be deeply moved by your touching gift and care for her.

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