Simple Upscale Decorating Tips

Simple Upscale Decorating Tips

Decorating has changed dramatically in​ recent years. Many years ago people put great amounts of​ money in​ art and​ accent pieces. That’s still an​ option​ – art and​ collectibles can be great ways to​ express yourself. if​ you​ find a​ piece of​ art that you​ truly love, go for​ it! Art is​ a​ great way to​ have moving pieces that speak directly to​ your​ soul. Top art can also be a​ great investment.

on​ the other hand, today many top designers and​ artists work for​ mass department stores and​ offer their collections for​ a​ small fraction​ of​ the cost of​ their work. Top artists and​ designers do this​ because their profit is​ greater when selling to​ many people rather than just a​ few. Everyone benefits from this​ system. We can all enjoy trendy, top art for​ a​ fraction​ of​ the cost and​ designers or​ artists are better compensated for​ their work. this​ system also allows us to​ update homes as​ often as​ we wish.

Updating a​ home has never been easier. Simply go down to​ a​ store, choose a​ collection​ you​ like and​ bring it​ home. The collections are often set up in​ the store, so that dishes, glassware, tablecloths, napkins, and​ accent pieces are displayed in​ a​ professionally designed grouping. World-renowned designers put the collections together and​ freely give us the advantage of​ their talent, training and​ expertise. All types of​ stores employ top professionals to​ design collections, so that price isn’t necessarily a​ determiner of​ quality.

That’s the good news. The bad news is​ that too many choices may lead to​ confusion​ and​ a​ sense of​ feeling overwhelmed. Each collection​ is​ beautiful and​ easily available. The cost per item is​ low, but choosing pieces can be a​ confusing and​ sometimes expensive dilemma. How do you​ determine what to​ do?

The first thing to​ do is​ determine what you​ have and​ what you​ need. There is​ a​ saying ‘Less is​ more’. this​ is​ especially true in​ home decorating. It’s far better to​ have a​ few pieces that you​ love than to​ have too many things that you​ don’t particularly like, no matter how good a​ buy they were.

Accents come in​ any budget, so first make sure that you​ have good, comfortable furniture. this​ need not be expensive furniture. a​ well-used but comfortable piece of​ furniture will often look great with slipcovers, pillows or​ a​ throw.

Secondary colors make a​ big difference in​ a​ home. What’s the main​ color in​ the room? if​ your​ couch is​ red, for​ instance, a​ white accent throughout the room will look dramatically different than, say, a​ purple accent. Six months later, change the accent pieces to​ black and​ the room will again​ look strikingly different, all the time using the same furniture. Red, or​ any bright color, can sometimes cause a​ challenge when trying to​ find the right accents. Neutral colors in​ furniture will give you​ more options for​ accent color changes, and​ allow you​ more flexibility.

Many people wonder what colors go together – the answer is​ that if​ you​ like it, it​ works. It’s your​ home. if​ you’re unsure of​ your​ choices, one option​ is​ to​ go to​ a​ paint store and​ get the sample cards. They’re put together by professionals and​ show which colors work together. Simply match the colors on​ the card and​ you’re unlikely to​ go wrong.

Another easy way of​ ensuring tasteful color coordination​ is​ to​ simply purchase an​ entire collection. if​ you​ want to​ update the bathroom it’s easy to​ get all the accent pieces and​ fabrics at​ one time. Unless you’re sure of​ what you’re doing, this​ is​ a​ very simple way to​ get a​ beautiful, professional look. Make sure you​ purchase all the pieces that you’ll need because often the collections are changed every few months and​ pieces won’t be available.

Decorating can be a​ real challenge. These are some easy tips to​ have a​ designer look at​ a​ fraction​ of​ the cost. You’ll end up with a​ home you’ll love!

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