Simple Cake Decorating Ideas

Simple Cake Decorating Ideas
Cake decorating is​ not as​ difficult as​ it​ seems .​
We look at​ the elaborately decorated masterpieces and​ feel completely intimidated .​
Here are a​ few simple ideas and​ hints to​ make your​ cake decorating project a​ winner.
- Buy readymade cakes, or​ make your​ cake from a​ mix.
- Make sure you​ have several pastry bags, a​ coupler, a​ flower nail, and​ 6 icing tips- #824 large open star, #23 small open star, #104 small rose, #125 large rose, and​ #109 and​ #129 drop flowers.
- a​ turntable makes icing a​ cake much easier .​
a​ lazy susan will work.
- Use decorations that are already made- fresh flowers, silk flowers, ribbons, and​ fruit are some of​ the items you​ can use.
- Always brush fresh fruit with a​ glaze to​ seal in​ moisture.
- Use a​ decorative cake plate or​ platter to​ present your​ cake.
- Use Ganache icing.
1 pound semi sweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 cup heavy cream or​ evaporated milk
1/4 cup sugar
4 tsp .​
unsalted butter
Place the chocolate in​ a​ bowl.
Combine cream, butter, and​ sugar in​ a​ pan, bring the mixture to​ a​ boil.
Pour the mixture over the chocolate, stirring gently until it​ is​ melted.
Using royal or​ buttercream icing, ice the cake with a​ thin​ coating, and​ freeze for​ 15 minutes.
Place a​ cooling rack on​ a​ cookie sheet.
Make sure the icing is​ set, and​ place the cake on​ the cooling rack.
Quickly pour the ganache over the top of​ the cake and​ down the sides .​
you​ can use a​ spatula to​ smooth the surface if​ needed .​
The hot ganache will melt the icing, so only smooth as​ necessary .​
Tap the rack to​ remove any excess ganache, this​ can be refrigerated for​ later use.
Chill the cake until set, remove to​ a​ serving platter.
Fruit Flan
you​ can choose to​ purchase a​ pre-made flan, or​ bake one yourself.
Slice your​ choice of​ assorted fruit and​ arrange it​ on​ the cake surface in​ concentric circles.
Coat with apricot glaze.
Serve on​ a​ decorative cake plate or​ platter.
Apricot Glaze
12 oz .​
jar of​ apricot jam
2-3 tbsp .​
Combine jam and​ water in​ a​ saucepan.
Bring ingredients to​ a​ boil.
Strain​ glaze and​ keep in​ the refrigerator until needed.
Heat to​ brush on​ fruit.
Using a​ pastry bag and​ the tip of​ your​ choice, you​ can create a​ number of​ cake decorations, ranging from flowers to​ simple borders .​
Basic icing recipes can be found on​ the internet .​
Work on​ a​ piece of​ waxed paper before you​ apply any icing to​ a​ cake.
Edible Flowers
Apply icing to​ your​ cake
Decorate the cake with piping if​ you​ desire
Distribute edible flowers in​ a​ decorative fashion
I hope that any, or​ all, of​ these tips will help you​ with your​ cake decorating projects .​
My suggestion​ is​ to​ gather all of​ the tips, tricks, and​ ideas you​ can find and​ print them out .​
Put your​ collection​ in​ a​ binder and​ the next time you​ are having a​ problem with your​ cake decorating project, you​ will have an​ answer at​ your​ fingertips.

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