Shower Curtains And Bath Decor Ideas For All Seasons

Shower Curtains and​ Bath Decor Ideas for​ All Seasons
your​ bathroom decor is​ probably the most neglected in​ the home .​
It gets the least amount of​ attention​ because it's not out in​ the open for​ all to​ see when they enter your​ home .​
Believe it​ or​ not, guests do notice your​ bathroom decor .​
They notice whether the bathroom feels pleasant and​ comfortable, safe and​ secure, or​ messy and​ disorganized .​
They also notice the colors and​ patterns displayed in​ every decor item.
After giving this​ some thought, shouldn't your​ bathroom receive a​ little more attention​ in​ the decor department? One way you​ can spruce up your​ bath decor is​ by using seasonal shower curtains and​ other decor items.
The Seasonal Look
Every season​ has its own colors and​ patterns .​
Autumn is​ associated with orange, brown, and​ red colors along with leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and​ harvest time .​
Spring brings out the bright colors and​ pastels such as​ pink, blue, purple, lavender, and​ light green .​
in​ winter, darker colors are used such as​ burgundy, black, red, emerald green, or​ royal blue .​
in​ summer, spring colors can still be used or​ summer-type themes such as​ underwater themes, roses, animals, and​ so forth.
Use your​ shower curtains as​ a​ springboard for​ the remainder of​ your​ bath decor .​
Choose shower curtains for​ every season​ to​ reflect the theme or​ colors you​ want to​ portray .​
The shower curtains can be fabric for​ formal baths or​ plastic or​ vinyl for​ informal baths .​
you​ can also choose shower curtain​ liners, rings, and​ rods to​ enhance the theme.
Other Bathroom Decor Accessories
Once you​ choose a​ shower curtain​ and​ shower curtain​ liner, add pictures or​ paintings, accessories, window curtains, rugs, and​ other items to​ go along with your​ seasonal decor .​
you​ might get by with changing just a​ few small items such as​ a​ toothbrush holder, wastebasket, and​ window curtain​ ties .​
Think ahead when buying bathroom items to​ find ways to​ accommodate the seasons without emptying your​ pocket book each time.
Cleaning and​ Storing Shower Curtains for​ the Seasons
Since shower curtains line the bathtub, they are susceptible to​ moisture, soap scum, hard water stains, and​ mildew .​
Keeping them clean throughout the season​ makes it​ easier to​ clean them for​ storage later.
When you​ change out a​ shower curtain, be sure to​ clean it​ and​ the shower curtain​ liner thoroughly before storage .​
Be sure all mildew or​ mold is​ removed .​
Use a​ brush or​ sponge and​ bleach and​ vinegar to​ scrub off mildew .​
Otherwise, it​ could ruin​ other items that are stored with it .​
Also, be sure the curtains and​ liner are completely dry before storing .​
Allow to​ drip dry and​ then wipe any additional moisture away with a​ towel .​
Store your​ shower curtains in​ a​ dry place in​ a​ sealed container .​
To keep it​ fresh, consider placing a​ fabric softener sheet in​ the container.
Types of​ Shower Curtains for​ the Seasons
There are many types and​ styles of​ shower curtains to​ choose from for​ the seasons .​
Look for​ patterns and​ colors that will match your​ overall bathroom decor .​
Painted walls, wallpaper, wallboard, and​ flooring colors should all be considered .​
Also, choose shower curtains that are durable and​ easy to​ clean .​
Many curtains can be washed in​ the washing machine .​
Check the labels to​ be sure .​
you​ can also get zip-on​ and​ zip-off shower curtain​ liners to​ make cleaning them easier .​
These easy-to-remove shower curtain​ liners enable you​ to​ clean more often without removing them from the rings! It saves time and​ makes this​ task a​ breeze .​
Decide on​ a​ fabric such as​ cotton, vinyl, or​ plastic .​
The fabrics can enhance your​ decor theme as​ well .​
Shower curtain​ fabrics can add elegance, playful design, or​ practicality to​ your​ bathroom.
Each season, your​ bathroom can offer a​ new exciting look and​ feel that your​ family and​ guests are sure to​ enjoy!

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