Shaping Your Marketing Message 3 Tips For Improving Conversion

Shaping Your Marketing Message 3 Tips For Improving Conversion

Understanding how visitors will view your sales message – and how they’ll respond to​ it​ – is​ a​ challenging prospect for any online retailer. But studying consumer behavior can help you​ make adjustments to​ your marketing campaign that will improve your click through rate and help you​ convert more shoppers into buyers. Andy Jenkins,​ founder of​ online business forum,​ shares three tips to​ help you​ maximize your marketing dollars:

• Continually Listen to​ Your Visitors

A/B testing is​ a​ great way to​ discover which of​ your PPC ads are converting effectively. But just because you​ find an​ ad that works well doesn’t mean you​ should stop testing all together. Once you’ve identified which creative ads serve you​ best,​ you​ can continue split testing by creating ten ads – nine of​ them identical to​ your proven ad,​ and one of​ them different. This allows you,​ not only to​ continue introducing new ideas into your campaign and testing them in​ isolation,​ but also to​ maintain your business’ cash flow by sending ninety percent of​ your traffic to​ the​ ad version with the​ proven,​ solid click through and conversion rates.

• Match Your Message to​ Your Market

When a​ user clicks through one of​ your ads,​ you​ can’t expect them to​ search around your site for the​ information they want – you​ have to​ take them right to​ it. it​ does you​ no good to​ research the​ right keywords to​ attract buyers,​ only to​ send them to​ a​ page showing them a​ totally disassociated product. You’re just wasting their time and your money.

Studies show that over half of​ the​ effectiveness of​ a​ PPC ad depends on​ the​ landing page. It’s not enough to​ throw out the​ same ad for a​ bunch of​ different keywords,​ and send every user who clicks through straight to​ your home page. Every core keyword you​ bid on​ should have an​ ad created specially for it,​ and should send your visitors to​ the​ page on​ your web site that is​ most directly related.

• Divide and Conquer

Getting users to​ click through to​ your site is​ only half the​ battle. you​ still have to​ convince them to​ stay and buy,​ or​ you’ve just wasted the​ cost of​ a​ click. Studies have proven that you​ have eight seconds from the​ time a​ user lands to​ convince them you​ have the​ information they want.

As you​ design your site,​ keep in​ mind that visitors are consuming your content in​ a​ very specific way. When viewing a​ computer monitor,​ the​ human eye can only focus on​ an​ area about one hundred fifty pixels wide by seventy-five pixels high,​ at​ any given time. you​ need to​ design your landing pages in​ small,​ easily digestible pieces that users can quickly absorb without actually sitting down and reading. Any specific messages that you​ want to​ convey immediately,​ such as​ “Free Shipping” or​ “100% Money Back Guarantee”,​ you​ need to​ deliver in​ rectangular chunks with dimensions no greater than one hundred fifty by seventy five pixels.

Constantly examining your promotional vehicles,​ and modifying them with your visitors in​ mind,​ should result in​ a​ very streamlined sales campaign. States Jenkins,​ “You’re always testing and researching to​ understand your buyers’ behavior. When you​ know what buyers are looking for,​ and how they’re going to​ react to​ something,​ you’re able to​ design truly effective ads that are going to​ convert at​ a​ very solid rate.”

Shaping Your Marketing Message 3 Tips For Improving Conversion

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