Seventies Hairstyle Do You Have It

Seventies hairstyle Do you​ Have it?
The era of​ the​ seventies was dominated by the​ punk Hairstyle. ​
it​ was the​ short spiky hairstyles that ruled the​ roost in​ that era. ​
In the​ case of​ women,​ the​ shag and ​ bob hairstyles were the​ ones that were the​ craze of​ the​ era. ​
The era is​ famous for​ its hep style statements.
The seventies hairstyle also coincides with the​ hippy era wherein the​ girls can be seen in​ wild flowing hair that provide a​ natural look to​ the​ hair. ​
The era involved a​ lot of​ use of​ hair irons as​ straight hair was the​ fashion of​ those days. ​
During the​ seventies a​ lot of​ emphasis was laid on​ glamour,​ this is​ the​ reason whywe all could see shony and ​ styled head bands being used in​ that era.
During the​ seventies even the​ 60s plaits were been carried over. ​
There was a​ craze of​ hair dos in​ that era,​ the​ most famous being the​ Afro hairdo. ​
The afro hairdo was considered to​ be frenzy at ​ that time. ​
it​ is​ also known as​ the​ disco era wherein the​ people were fond of​ flaunting their style. ​
Style was the​ mantra of​ the​ time.
The shag hairstyle was considered as​ one of​ the​ most happening hairstyles. ​
The style involved irregular layers of​ hair that provided a​ shaggy look. ​
The other hairstyle that had gained popularity was the​ pageboy hairstyle. ​
The hairstyle was done by inward curling of​ the​ hair. ​
The style gave the​ hair a​ fluff. ​
The mulled haircut was another hairstyle of​ the​ seventies that worn by both men and ​ women.

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