Seven Tips To Article Writing

Having difficulty to​ start writing an​ article? Actually,​ writing articles isn’t as​ hard as​ you may think. if​ you understand the​ rules of​ proper grammar,​ own a​ word processor or​ word processing software that includes a​ spell checker,​ writing articles becomes quite easy. You will find the​ following 7 tips useful to​ you.

1. One step at​ a​ time. This is​ a​ common mistake,​ especially by the​ newbies in​ article writing. Think about what you want to​ say,​ then ignoring about spelling or​ grammar,​ just write until you have said all that you wanted to​ say. When all’s done,​ then that’s when editing comes in.

2. Know your topic. Don’t be stressed over it. Knowing what you want to​ sell is​ not enough. Visit forums to​ find out what your customers are looking for. Answer their questions through your articles.

3. the​ length of​ your article. Articles should be between 300 and 750 words. Most word processors come with the​ “word count” tool,​ so make use of​ this tool.

4. Submission of​ your article. Do not submit your article immediately after you have completed it. Read it​ over and make sure you included all that you want to​ say,​ and most importantly,​ get someone else to​ read it,​ and sincerely accept any criticism from the​ reader.

5. the​ objective of​ your article. Remember,​ you are writing an​ article,​ not a​ sales letter. the​ article should inform and lead readers to​ your website,​ where the​ selling will begin at​ the​ website. You do not want to​ risk losing your credibility with articles that are obvious sales letters.

6. Stay focused. That is,​ make sure your article stays on​ track. Should you deviate from your original intention,​ make a​ note about the​ new article idea that you have accidentally found,​ and get back on​ track with your original plan.

7. Last but not least,​ write in​ simple and easy to​ understand language. in​ short,​ write like the​ way you talk. in​ this way,​ your personality will shine through,​ and this is​ the​ first step to​ building a​ relationship with your readers.

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