Seven Tips On Moving To Europe

Seven Tips On Moving To Europe

The long-awaited opportunity has arrived for​ many Americans to​ relocate to​ Europe for​ business or​ pleasure - a​ dream they may have had all their lives. However, the task of​ moving can be a​ bit overwhelming. The following are tips on​ making your​ journey to​ Europe, a​ little easier as​ well as​ an​ online source to​ keep you​ up-to-date on​ European current events.

1. Be sure to​ make a​ "to do" checklist. Now this​ may seem obvious but so many people don't do it. Review your​ list to​ make certain​ that all your​ medical records are being sent where they need to​ go, financial matters are handled appropriately(whether you​ are closing or​ opening an​ account, selling property, etc.)and​ bills are paid. if​ you​ should move back to​ the States, you​ don't want to​ be slammed with a​ bunch of​ unresolved debt notices. Also, forward mail with the post office or​ contact the companies directly that you​ want to​ have mail sent to​ your​ new address.

2. Bring a​ handy foreign language guide and​ brush up on​ what Europeans like and​ don't like about American behaviors and​ what are the latest scams being used on​ foreign travelers.

3. if​ you​ can have some of​ your​ favorite foods, keepsakes, or​ other needed supplies sent via mail, (you​ will have to​ check with the post office and​ customs) then do so. it​ may help you​ get over any nostalgia you​ may feel once you​ get there.

4. Designate a​ family member or​ trusted friend to​ handle any matters that you​ may have not had anytime to​ deal with before you​ go.

5. Check with the airline to​ ensure that you​ have a​ seat, the flight is​ on​ time and​ any new standards that may have come up since you​ last contacted them.

6. Besides your​ cell phone and​ email address, don't forget to​ let family and​ friends know your​ home phone number, address, neighbor's address and​ phone and​ work address and​ phone. this​ way they have a​ variety of​ ways to​ reach you​ in​ case of​ emergencies.

7. if​ you​ are seeking an​ easy and​ accurate website to​ find all the latest news in​ European business, politics, policies, earnings, health, law, technology and​ much more, then look no further than the Wall Street Journal Europe. Click on​ the link following this​ article for​ savings and​ have a​ wonderful move!

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