Seven Steps To Self Discovery Familyvision Column

Seven Steps To Self Discovery Familyvision Column

Paula is​ the most popular girl in​ high school. Only people who meet the criteria can join​ her social circle. The school seems to​ revolve around her. Her rival is​ Eva who is​ another snob. Eva hates Paula (and​ the feeling is​ mutual). One day Eva follows Paula home, hoping to​ find some dirt. Finally, Paula arrives at​ a​ homeless shelter. Eva becomes unhappy because she feels Paula is​ performing community service (just another medal on​ Paula’s chest). However, Eva is​ startled. Paula enters the food line and​ takes soup. She then sits her books on​ the bed and​ kisses two dirty old bums. Paula glances up and​ sees Eva. Paula is​ overcome with fear. One of​ the dirty bums looks up at​ Paula and​ says, “Tell momma who’s your​ little friend?” Paula gets hysterical.

The Major Question

How are you​ going to​ handle another crisis? Do you​ really understand​ yourself? if​ you​ don’t, how are you​ going to​ move forward in​ your​ life? These lines of​ questioning may appear strange until you​ look around and​ see people pretending to​ be something that they are not. in​ our daily living, online discussions, and​ seminars, we converse with many people on​ a​ very personal level. Some people appear totally together on​ the outside, but sadly enough, they are decaying on​ the inside. They are so obsessed with portraying the right public image that they fail to​ achieve their purpose. Images are the roles people play in​ life, like actors, to​ help them jointly co-exist with their personal needs and​ the demands of​ society.

Having the right image is​ natural and​ a​ part of​ you, unlike performing a​ role on​ stage. on​ stage, an​ actor recites lines, but when a​ person​ has the correct image, he or​ she writes the lines instead. Unfortunately, some people are only interested in​ what others think of​ them. Why else would people a) buy cars and​ homes they can’t afford, b) get in​ relationships with people they don’t love, c) join​ organizations that contradict their beliefs, or​ d) maintain​ friendships that are quite shallow? Are people really that lost? According to​ one study, 36% of​ people surveyed viewed their bodies as​ the most critical aspect of​ their self-esteem.

The Focus Point

Understanding how you​ feel about yourself is​ key to​ your​ success. Self-concept is​ a​ combination​ of​ beliefs that interpret how you​ feel about yourself and​ your​ environment. These beliefs start when people are children and​ continued to​ develop, as​ they become adults. Brian Tracy, goal-setting expert, says, “Whenever you​ have a​ high self-concept, you​ perform well.” The self-concept has three ingredients: self-ideal, self-image, and​ self-esteem. First, your​ self-ideal is​ a​ combination​ of​ all of​ the attributes and​ qualities of​ people that you​ most admire (an aunt, father, Michael Jordan, etc.). The self-ideal sets the course for​ your​ life. People are always measuring themselves against this​ model. Secondly, the self-image is​ the way you​ see yourself and​ think about yourself. Lastly, self-esteem is​ the single most important element that will determine your​ attitude and​ personality. Self-esteem is​ defined, as​ how much you​ like yourself. The more you​ like yourself, accept yourself, and​ see yourself as​ a​ valuable person, the higher your​ self-esteem will be. Here are some things you​ should consider:

1. How do I really feel about myself?
2. Do you​ have a​ vision​ of​ who you​ want to​ be?
3. Who am I trying to​ be like in​ my life?
4. What image am I portraying to​ my family & friends?
5. How positive is​ my self-concept?
6. Am I in​ negative surroundings? if​ so, can you​ change?
7. Are you​ willing to​ move toward your​ vision?

The Move Ahead

your​ attitude is​ a​ good place to​ start changing your​ self-concept. Success begins in​ the mind. your​ self-ideal determines your​ direction. your​ self-image determines the way you​ will perform. your​ self-esteem determines your​ energy level, motivation, and​ enthusiasm about life. The more you​ perform consistently from day-to-day in​ the way you​ want to​ perform, the higher your​ self-esteem will be. a​ good attitude provides a​ positive filter through which you​ can shield your​ self-image from all of​ the negativism. “Doing your​ best” simply means you​ recognize that success starts with doing your​ best with whatever tools God has given you. Start today!

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