Seven Home Décor Quick Make Over Tips

Seven Home Décor Quick Make Over Tips

if​ your​ home décor is​ beginning to​ look a​ little “frazzled”, then here are seven tips to​ give your​ room a​ quick make-over without breaking the family budget. Not all home decorating projects have to​ mean knocking down walls and​ hiring a​ contractor. you​ can easily accomplish these seven tips over a​ few days and​ bring a​ lifeless, dull room back to​ life.

1. CLEAN: if​ you​ have a​ family, then you​ probably have newspapers, magazines, books, toys, shoes, clothes, etc., that detract from the personality of​ your​ room. Find or​ create new storage spaces for​ these items. Give your​ draperies and​ upholstered furnishings a​ good vacuuming. Remove all your​ decorative collectibles and​ give each piece a​ thorough cleaning. you​ want the space to​ have a​ fresh beginning.

2. FOCAL POINT: if​ your​ room is​ lacking a​ focal point, try painting one wall in​ a​ different, but coordinating color, that complements the rest of​ your​ room and​ furnishings. The newly painted wall will instantly become the focal point of​ the room. Decorate the wall with interesting art work or​ a​ large ornately framed mirror. (if​ you​ opt to​ use a​ mirror, make sure it​ reflects a​ pleasant view – never a​ blank wall or​ closet door). Place a​ favorite piece of​ furniture against the new focal point wall to​ complete the look. if​ your​ room already has a​ nice focal point, consider giving the entire room a​ fresh new coat of​ paint. a​ simple color change can make an​ incredible difference in​ your​ room.

3. REARRANGE THE FURNITURE: No matter the size of​ your​ room, pull the furniture away from the walls. Place your​ furnishings at​ interesting angles in​ front of​ your​ focal point to​ create an​ intimate conversation​ area. if​ you​ room is​ narrow, try placing the sofa on​ the diagonal to​ make the room appear wider. Never arrange your​ room so that the traffic flow runs directly through your​ conversational area.

4. REARRANGE THE RUG: if​ you​ have an​ area rug, turn it​ on​ an​ angle and​ use it​ to​ define your​ newly arranged conversation​ area. if​ you​ have wall-to-wall carpeting, try layering a​ complimentary area rug in​ your​ conversation​ area. (Use carpet-to-carpet tape to​ anchor the area rug. this​ helps keep the area rug in​ place, and, more importantly, helps prevent someone from tripping over the edges of​ the rug).

5. ADD GREENERY: Breathe new life into your​ room with the addition​ of​ healthy green plants. Use plants of​ varying heights and​ species for​ interest. Keep your​ plants in​ good health and​ well-trimmed. (A vase of​ fresh cut flowers is​ always a​ beautiful addition​ to​ any room). if​ you​ have poor lighting, consider using good quality silk greenery. Silk greenery is​ actually a​ safer choice if​ you​ have small children or​ pets.

6. BUY SOME NEW LAMPS: Nothing can make your​ room look more outdated and​ stale than lamps from the sixties. Find unique, interesting lamps that will make a​ bold statement and​ relate to​ the personality of​ your​ room. Look for​ lighting with three-way switches. this​ offers you​ a​ variety of​ lighting options to​ set the mood in​ your​ room.

7. ADD PERSONALITY and​ ACCESSORIES: Refresh your​ favorite family photographs by treating them to​ a​ new frame. Hang interesting artwork, mirrors or​ architectural pieces that reflect your​ personality. Give new life to​ your​ sofa and​ chairs with decorative pillows and​ throws. this​ is​ an​ easy way to​ add color and​ texture to​ your​ room. Create vignettes with your​ freshly cleaned collectibles. Group them in​ odd numbers at​ varying heights. Use hardbound books in​ stacks, or​ assorted decorative boxes, to​ assist with varying the heights. Bring in​ some candlelight to​ add drama and​ warmth. Last, but not least, add something “unexpected” just for​ fun.

With a​ little bit of​ imagination​ and​ creativity, you​ can turn your​ “frazzled” home décor into a​ fresh, exciting new space. Renew your​ passion​ for​ decorating your​ home – “one room at​ a​ time!”

Seven Home Décor Quick Make Over Tips

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