SEO Marketing For Google Update

SEO Marketing For Google Update

There is​ a​ lot of​ talk in​ the​ town regarding the​ latest Google update,​ which has been nick named as​ Jagger. Jagger is​ a​ 3-part Google update that has changed some of​ the​ important rules of​ determining page rank and this has affected the​ SEO community in​ its entirety.

The new Google update has affected the​ website page ranking and the​ key areas,​ which have got affected are:

• Your web page history
• Method for counting back links
• Web site content and structure

Let us look at​ each one of​ the​ affected areas.

Your web page history

One of​ the​ important aspects driving Google ranking is​ the​ history of​ your site. if​ your website has been online for a​ longer duration then your chances of​ getting a​ better page ranking is​ higher. if​ a​ particular internal page from your website has been live for a​ longer period of​ time then it​ will have a​ better page rank for additional phrases.

So you​ will have to​ consider the​ amount of​ time your website has been live. in​ such a​ scenario,​ you​ should approach the​ promotion of​ a​ competitive phrase by selecting secondary phrases that will also contain the​ primary keyword. For example,​ you​ need to​ choose "guaranteed SEO services" against "SEO services". you​ will achieve a​ good ranking on​ Google for a​ relevant keyword phrase and at​ the​ same time,​ keep your efforts on​ building relevant links for your primary keyword phrase.

So if​ you​ have competitive phrases as​ well as​ a​ long website history then you​ stand a​ better chance at​ getting high rankings on​ Google.

Method for counting backlinks

According to​ the​ Google update,​ the​ history of​ the​ links on​ your site will also get importance while determining the​ page rank. According to​ the​ Google update,​ the​ sandbox regarding links are functioning in​ parts and after a​ certain period,​ the​ links will gain a​ considerable part of​ their weight,​ and after some more time,​ they will gain some more weight and it​ will go on. This basically means that if​ you​ pursue a​ link building campaign today then it​ will not substantially affect your Google rankings for quite some time. Because Google does not show all incoming links you​ may want to​ consider using yahoo to​ check your back linking.

Another important aspect is​ that the​ relevancy determining criteria has improved. According to​ Google,​ your web pages don’t need to​ have content with the​ exact keyword phrase but the​ keyword phrase has to​ be relevant to​ your industry. So if​ you​ are running a​ SEO business and if​ you​ link your website to​ that of​ a​ website design & development company then the​ link will be a​ relevant link.

Another aspect that has gained momentum is​ natural links. if​ your links are within the​ content area of​ a​ web page then they will carry a​ lot more weight than isolated links.

Website content & structure

Another important thing noticed by SEO experts is​ that there is​ no change in​ the​ optimal keyword density but there has been a​ decline in​ its value. Although the​ importance of​ having a​ specific keyword density on​ a​ particular webpage has declined but on​ the​ other hand there has been an​ increase in​ the​ importance of​ relevancy.

Google is​ going to​ assign relevancy on​ your overall content and not for keyword specific content on​ a​ particular page. There will be a​ higher visibility for topic-specific directories as​ against general directories. if​ your website has a​ central theme that is​ carried throughout the​ website then your web site will have a​ better page rank.

Google has also added a​ lot of​ value or​ weight on​ internal links as​ far as​ relevancy is​ concerned. if​ the​ internal links are well worded and are built into the​ entire content of​ your web site then it​ will impact your ranking by adding more weight to​ the​ internal pages.

The bottom line is​ that although this is​ not the​ perfect Google update on​ page ranking but it​ will make sure that people can’t have their websites higher on​ the​ page rank by buying links or​ cramming their web pages with keywords.

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