Seo And Mashed Up Marketing Potential

Seo And Mashed Up Marketing Potential

When contemplating web design function combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies it​ is​ important to​ understand that virtually all elements of​ marketing are connected and interdependent. Each component may serve its own unique function,​ but is​ enhanced through the​ blending (mashing) of​ the​ various marketing strategies available. the​ combination of​ various strategies adds to​ the​ idea of​ a​ big picture point of​ view.

Let’s run through a​ few strategies to​ see how marketing elements can work together to​ create something bigger than you​ would have thought possible.

Social Media – this generally non-intrusive marketing tool can provide the​ possibility of​ blogging,​ video streaming and podcasting all in​ one convenient and highly viewed location. This off site page can also be used as​ a​ powerful backlink that can direct potential customers from your social media page to​ your primary website in​ one easy click.

Forums – this element provides a​ mechanism for customers to​ talk together about your products or​ services. it​ allows you​ to​ obtain free marketing research. the​ microcosm of​ a​ forum may not present an​ entirely clear picture,​ but it​ can forecast certain trends within your customer base. Customers enjoy a​ variety of​ third party viewpoints for consideration.

RSS Feeds – Real Simple Syndication can be a​ positive in​ alerting those most interested in​ new posts in​ blogs as​ well as​ any updated content on​ your primary site to​ any new audio or​ print material. RSS has to​ syndicate something so it​ makes sense to​ use this feature in​ traffic building strategies by syndicating your own unique content for general consumption.

Autoresponders – this marketing tool helps keep those interested in​ your site in​ tune with your site longer. it​ provides access to​ dynamic knowledge based information and can be directed to​ the​ customer at​ the​ point of​ greatest interest – and it​ does so hands free and instantaneously. it​ is​ most often put into action once a​ customer completes a​ transaction.

Email Marketing – when using this tool you​ are attempting to​ improve traffic to​ your site and convert visitors to​ buyers. Email marketing is​ best developed in​ conjunction with a​ solid website filled with useful consumer-centric information. if​ you​ provide solid email marketing,​ but have not developed a​ comprehensive site you​ essentially defeat the​ purpose of​ this form of​ marketing,​ so make your website stellar.

Ezines – you​ can use email marketing or​ RSS to​ alert consumers to​ new ezine editions. Ezines can feature PPC advertising for residual income and the​ ezine can be used to​ point customers to​ specials,​ discounts or​ freebies – and your primary sales site.

Traffic Building – virtually every aspect of​ the​ features listed in​ this article are designed to​ improve traffic to​ your site in​ an​ environment of​ trust. Social media and the​ use of​ blogs,​ video streaming,​ podcasts ezines,​ email marketing,​ forums,​ and RSS feeds all contribute to​ traffic building.

You can mix and match marketing ideas,​ but the​ more you​ can add to​ the​ mix the​ more opportunity you​ will find in​ the​ midst of​ improving SEO and affiliated marketing strategies.

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