Sell Your Car Online Step 4 Writing A Compelling Description Of Your Automobile

Auto classifieds websites are some of​ the​ most powerful tools available today to​ help you sell your car or​ truck. in​ step 3 of​ this series,​ titled “Sell Your Car Online: Step 3,​ Using the​ Right Information to​ Help Sell Your Automobile “,​ you learned what information you should display about your automobile in​ your classified ad.

The fourth step in​ placing an​ ad is​ writing a​ compelling description of​ your automobile. Most auto classified web sites have an​ information field labeled “Description” in​ which you can type a​ lengthy discourse about the​ car or​ truck you have for sale. You may think that this is​ not needed since you already have all the​ important information listed in​ the​ previous info fields. Nothing could be farther from the​ truth.

So,​ what do you type in​ the​ description field? First you should quickly restate the​ most important information,​ like the​ make,​ model,​ and year. Then list again a​ few of​ the​ best accessories and options that have the​ most appeal. Next comes the​ fun part.

You should write a​ descriptive paragraph that includes information about your vehicle that has not been previously listed. if​ your car or​ truck has a​ special feature,​ describe it. if​ it​ has a​ new component,​ like a​ new engine or​ transmission,​ list it. if​ the​ vehicle has a​ special quality that is​ not noticeable in​ any of​ the​ photos,​ write about it.

For example,​ if​ your vehicle is​ a​ classic sports car that has a​ specialty racing engine,​ list the​ specific engine enhancements. if​ the​ vehicle is​ a​ show truck with a​ high end sound system,​ describe how the​ radio sounds. if​ the​ vehicle is​ an​ expensive luxury car,​ describe how comfortable the​ driver’s seat feels.

The objective of​ the​ description field is​ to​ paint a​ clear and unique picture of​ your car or​ truck that puts the​ buyer in​ the​ driver’s seat. the​ buyer should feel,​ hear,​ and see everything that sets this vehicle apart from the​ rest. After reading your description,​ the​ buyer should not have any doubt that this is​ the​ right vehicle for him/her to​ purchase.

This is​ a​ great example of​ a​ properly written description:

“This 1996 Pontiac Firebird Formula is​ in​ great condition. it​ has alloy wheels,​ AC,​ power everything,​ and a​ 6-disc changer. the​ T-tops are a​ nice addition,​ especially in​ hot weather. Even though this Firebird is​ 10 years old,​ it​ looks like it​ belongs on​ the​ showroom floor. it​ has flawless red paint on​ the​ exterior and a​ super clean black interior. a​ brand new automatic transmission was installed only 12 months ago,​ which is​ still under warranty.

The best feature about this 1996 Pontiac Firebird Formula is​ the​ engine. it​ has a​ 5.7 Liter HO V8 that has been well maintained. it​ does 0-60 in​ a​ respectable 5.2 seconds and has a​ top speed just under 160 MPH. Accelerate and you can hear every one of​ the​ 305 horses coming through the​ exhaust. Any sports car enthusiast would enjoy getting behind the​ wheel of​ this one.

Don’t miss this 1996 Pontiac Firebird Formula. It’s a​ good deal on​ a​ great car. Call today.”

Notice how the​ description flows. It’s not just a​ simple list,​ but it​ is​ written in​ a​ conversational style with wording that plays on​ the​ emotions of​ the​ buyer. it​ is​ concluded with a​ call-to-action,​ “Call today.”

Don’t worry about the​ length of​ the​ description. Whether it​ is​ short or​ long is​ secondary to​ how enticing it​ is​ to​ the​ potential buyer. if​ the​ description is​ interesting enough to​ keep his/her attention,​ it​ could be 6 paragraphs and still be effective.

Remember this from step 3! There’s no such thing as​ listing too much information about your vehicle,​ so type away and tell as​ much about your car as​ possible. the​ worst thing that can happen is​ that the​ potential buyer will spend more time viewing your listing and not viewing someone else’s listing.

If done correctly,​ writing a​ powerful description of​ your automobile can transform the​ viewer of​ your classified ad from a​ browser to​ a​ buyer. Look for the​ final installment in​ this series titled “Sell Your Car Online: Step 5,​ Making Search Engines Love Your Classified Ad.“ Happy selling.

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