Self Improvement Marketing Yourself As A Brand

Self Improvement Marketing Yourself As A Brand

We are all familiar with name brand products in​ the​ stores. Companies have learned they can sell more of​ their product if​ they can make you​ associate the​ name closely with a​ particular service or​ advantage.

Branding yourself is​ a​ relatively new concept in​ the​ world of​ employment,​ but basically it​ uses the​ same strategy,​ only this time the​ product is​ you. Branding yourself is​ a​ way of​ making it​ clear to​ potential employers or​ clients what,​ in​ particular,​ you​ might be able to​ do for them.

Successful products have slogans,​ and so can you. When someone asks you​ what you​ do for a​ living,​ do you​ answer with your job title? Do you​ say,​ for instance,​ "I am a​ manager." This is​ hardly inspiring. or​ do you​ say something like,​ "I work for the​ What’s-it Manufacturing Plant." That mentions them,​ but it​ does not identify you. Branding is​ a​ way of​ identifying yourself with special qualities,​ just like short advertising slogans will identify a​ product with special qualities. Mercedes Benz is,​ "Engineered like no other car in​ the​ world." Holiday Inn is,​ "Pleasing people the​ world over." With Polaroid,​ "The fun develops instantly."

When someone asks you​ what you​ do,​ rather than responding,​ "I am a​ manager,​" it​ could be,​ "I turn management around in​ companies so that they can profit again." or​ rather than just a​ teacher you​ could describe yourself as,​ "I teach children to​ enjoy learning." This short but positive association can make you​ more attractive and encourages them to​ want to​ know you​ better. Your brand can be communicated in​ your conversations and be suggested with examples in​ your resume. a​ brand for you​ can identify you​ to​ a​ potential employer as​ having a​ most special quality or​ advantage and impress them that you​ would make a​ most desirable employee.

There are advantages and disadvantages both to​ working for someone else and in​ working for your self.

When you​ work for someone else,​ you​ do not have to​ be making as​ many decisions about what you​ should be doing,​ because the​ big decisions are decided for you. Usually when you​ work for someone else,​ a​ great advantage is​ receiving a​ regular pay check. Whether business is​ good or​ poor,​ you​ know you​ can count on​ a​ certain amount of​ money each pay period and you​ can budget accordingly. This takes a​ lot of​ stress out of​ your life. you​ may also have the​ advantages of​ working regular hours,​ and may be able to​ leave at​ a​ certain time and not worry about work until the​ next day. in​ general,​ when you​ work for someone else,​ there is​ less responsibility. But there are also aggravations to​ working for someone else. you​ don’t get to​ decide how things will be,​ you​ need to​ please your employer,​ and the​ company can end your employment at​ any time.

When you​ are self-employed,​ your income is​ directly related to​ the​ success of​ your business. Most businesses take some time,​ perhaps a​ few years,​ before they start turning a​ profit. There may be tremendous profits,​ or​ not. Without incorporation,​ there may even be debt. There will not be anyone to​ pass the​ big problems to,​ but must resolve them yourself. Your job typically will not end at​ a​ certain time. When things need to​ get done,​ you​ must do it. There will be stress. But the​ potential advantages of​ being self-employed are tremendous: wealth,​ pride,​ independence,​ and satisfaction.

Four reasons are common for self employment. Many people choose self employment when they cannot find other employment. When no one will hire you,​ you​ can always work for yourself and try to​ make it​ profitable. Many successful businesses begin this way. Some people choose self employment because they desire to​ get rich. Your chance of​ accumulating wealth is​ greater if​ you​ own your own business. Some people start their own companies in​ the​ same kind of​ business where they have previously been employed. They like their work,​ but they want to​ be able to​ do it​ their own way,​ and do it​ better. And some individuals have a​ vision. They dream of​ being able to​ do the​ kind of​ work they wish at​ last,​ or​ wish to​ help others.

Self Improvement Marketing Yourself As A Brand

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