Self Help And Your Self Esteem

Self Help And Your Self Esteem

People with low self esteem often feel completely alone when it​ comes to​ finding a​ solution​ to​ their problem. Without a​ proper direction​ finder, they may turn their strength over to​ one person​ after another and​ never really find anyone who can help them. Feeling alone is​ likely to​ be one of​ the most central issues facing people with low self esteem and​ this​ is​ what puts them at​ a​ disadvantage. in​ order to​ truly be able to​ find the right direction​ in​ life and​ to​ choose the people who will treat us with the respect we deserve, we must first be capable of​ facing our innermost fears. this​ fear, of​ being alone, is​ the primary fear that must be faced by people with low self esteem.

in​ order to​ be able to​ stand​ up for​ yourself, you​ must be able to​ walk away from an​ unhealthy relationship. Whether you​ actually choose to​ leave the relationship or​ not is​ incidental. The important thing is​ that you​ must at​ least feel that you​ are capable of​ leaving. Many people with low self esteem don’t truly know if​ they are capable of​ leaving an​ unhealthy relationship and​ this​ is​ something that the other people in​ their lives can often sense regardless of​ the good intentions that they may possess. Because of​ this​ critical issue facing people with low self esteem, there are several techniques and​ practices that can be accomplished as​ a​ start which can help to​ lead to​ a​ greater sense of​ self esteem. The first of​ these is​ to​ practice being alone. for​ many people, this​ prospect is​ terrifying. The fear follows them around everywhere they go, from the minute they wake up in​ the morning to​ the final second before they fall asleep. “I can’t be alone” is​ the common​ phrase you​ will hear and​ it​ isn’t just a​ casual joke.

Fear of​ being alone is​ something that deeply affects every aspect of​ your​ life if​ you​ have not faced up to​ it. The surprising thing is, the fear is​ entirely imaginary as​ many people discover when they finally raise their courage to​ try and​ face it. Similar to​ the way a​ person​ may enjoy their first airplane ride, they don’t get up in​ the air without first being extremely scared and​ wanting to​ get off the plane altogether. Then as​ the plane takes off, they imagine they are going to​ crash and​ see horrible images of​ explosions and​ screaming amongst the passengers. All of​ this​ turns out to​ be completely imaginary, however, as​ they quickly realize once the plane has reached its highest altitude and​ levels off. Flying is​ really fun! What was I so scared of? this​ experience is​ very similar for​ people who are afraid to​ be alone.

When you​ first decide to​ set aside some time each day to​ be alone, you​ will likely feel your​ stomach turn and​ you​ will acquire a​ very large lump in​ your​ throat. Imagining false scenarios such as​ the fact that “Nobody loves me” or​ “I might die if​ I am alone” will all come to​ your​ mind as​ you​ begin​ to​ take the prospect more seriously. it​ helps to​ determine a​ set amount of​ time up front that you​ will dedicate to​ being alone. it​ may only be 30 minutes a​ day but you​ can rest assured that you​ will accomplish it​ each day and​ find that you​ didn’t die or​ get left without a​ friend when your​ time is​ over. Eventually, you​ may increase the time to​ one hour a​ day or​ more and​ start to​ find that this​ time becomes a​ wonderful thing where you​ can enjoy a​ good book or​ just a​ relaxing walk around a​ lake. Being alone is​ one of​ the greatest things available to​ us because it​ gives us time to​ sort out our thoughts and​ decide what we really want out of​ life. We no longer have to​ be at​ the mercy of​ so many people who don’t really have our best interests at​ heart, regardless of​ their intentions. People all face issues of​ their own and​ each of​ us could do quite well to​ look inside ourselves and​ find the strength to​ overcome some of​ our most ridiculous fears. this​ is​ what will improve our self esteem and​ lead us into a​ happier and​ healthier life in​ the future.

Self Help And Your Self Esteem

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