Self Esteem And Addiction

Self esteem is​ something I believe that we would all like to​ have but when you​ have some powerful addiction​ one of​ the first things you​ lose is​ your​ self esteem.

None of​ us like to​ think we are addicted to​ something and​ are adamant that we are in​ complete control, only doing what we do because we so enjoy it​ and​ that giving it​ up would be so easy – it’s just that we don’t want to​ give it​ up isn’t it?!!!

There are many different type of​ addictions such as​ alcohol, drugs, overeating, sex, perfectionism – the list could go on​ and​ on​ and​ we all think that one addiction​ is​ worse than another – well that is​ not really the case – each addiction​ affects the self esteem and​ well being of​ the affected person​ and​ probably their loved ones and​ family as​ well.

Once the person​ faces up to​ the fact that they do have a​ problem, and​ that is​ most certainly the first stage, then they might seek some form of​ professional help – now I am not knocking these professionals because I truly believe that they do a​ great job but unless you​ reach the inner being of​ the person​ I truly believe that it​ is​ only a​ matter of​ time before that person​ who was supposedly cured starts all over again​ with their addiction​ – that is​ why you​ see people who’ve been stopped smoking for​ many years and​ those who have not touched a​ drop of​ alcohol suddenly start again.

How do I know this? – well I reckon​ I’m pretty much an​ expert in​ the field of​ addiction​ to​ alcohol and​ cigarettes – they were such an​ important party of​ my life for​ so many years and​ when I finally admitted I had a​ huge problem I took all the help I could find, some of​ it​ I even paid for. I did well for​ almost one year but boy was it​ hard and​ I soon​ started again​ this​ time with such a​ vengeance that it​ caused my business and​ marriage breakdown and​ I found myself living in​ a​ mobile home on​ my own with drink being my only companion.

What happened to​ me on​ that day in​ December 2018 was nothing short of​ a​ modern day miracle – overnight, and​ I mean overnight I stopped both drinking and​ smoking, have never touched either of​ these but more importantly NEVER EVER have had the desire for​ these in​ the slightest. a​ few months later I was reunited with my wife and​ children and​ couldn’t be happier with my life if​ I was to​ win​ the lottery – I wouldn’t swap this​ inner peace and​ complete happiness that I have for​ anything in​ this​ world.

I just had to​ write about what happened on​ that day which is​ what I have done in​ the hope that the same release from powerful addictions can become a​ reality for​ others who are living their lives addicted to​ something in​ the same way I was – the difference it​ makes is​ incredible and​ I just hope and​ pray that you​ can all find the release and​ subsequent inner peace and​ contentment that I’ve now got, I really do.

A recent testimonial, exerts of​ which are included below, show just why I want this​ book to​ reach and​ touch people who are looking for​ what I’ve found.

I LAVISHED your​ book. My life was in​ shambles; my wife had divorced me and​ tonight I was in​ such a​ state of​ despair that I had rung my Mother to​ tell her that suicide was my only option​ - after reading your​ book I have a​ peace about me that I have not had since I was 19 and​ I'm 56 now. Thank you​ thank you​ for​ allowing God to​ speak through you​ to​ me - I now feel a​ complete relief from all the pain​ and​ misery I have known for​ the past 37 years and​ I thank you​ for​ saving my life - actually GOD SAVED MY LIFE but you​ threw me the life preserver - may God continue to​ bless you, your​ family and​ your​ ministry.

Roy Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia -

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