Selecting Hair Bows

Selecting Hair Bows

The possibilities are endless when it​ comes to​ hair bows. Some mothers like their daughter’s hair bows to​ be as​ small as​ can be no matter how old they get,​ and some mother’s like their daughter’s hair bows just as​ big as​ we​ can make them no matter how little their daugher is. you​ can have hair bows with just a​ simple look to​ them with only four loops with one solid color,​ or​ you​ can have bows that are holding so many different styles and patterns that they can have about fifteen different ribbons in​ them. Some people like them to​ be as​ flat and close to​ their daughter’s heads as​ possible,​ and some want the​ hair bows to​ stand up just as​ poofy as​ the​ ribbon will allow.

There are so many different kinds of​ ribbons being used in​ making hair bows. Here are just a​ few: grosgrain,​ organza,​ single faced satin,​ double faced satin,​ acetate,​ jacquards,​ velvet,​ sequin,​ ruffle,​ lace,​ marabou,​ frayed denim,​ sheers,​ metallic,​ polka dots,​ stripes,​ patterned,​ textured,​ stitched,​ printed,​ reversible,​ woven,​ checkered,​ plaids,​ glitter,​ gathered,​ frayed,​ and the​ list could go on​ I am sure. we​ haven’t even talked about all of​ the​ extra things you​ can add to​ hair bows like appliqués,​ hand-painted ceramics,​ jewels,​ crystals,​ monograms initials,​ names,​ rickrack,​ buttons,​ and so many other things that people get creative with.

There are so many hair bows web sites and eBay auctions now,​ that it​ is​ hard to​ find that one hair bow you​ are looking for,​ and for​ the​ right price. Don’t be afraid to​ try out a​ few different places,​ and try ordering just one hair bow from a​ few different places before you​ settle down on​ your favorite hair bow maker. Also,​ don’t be afraid to​ ask the​ maker questions about their hair bows. Read all about how they make them and see if​ they put a​ lot of​ time and effort into making them in​ a​ boutique style and boutique quality. I would also encourage you​ to​ try different sizes as​ well. Just because your girl is​ little,​ doesn’t mean she won’t look just like a​ little princess in​ with larger hair bows. if​ she looks cute in​ pig tails or​ two pony tails,​ try getting two small hair bows or​ two medium sized hair bows. Read what the​ widths are on​ each site because what one company may call small another would call medium.

There are a​ large variety of​ hair bow sites now offering to​ share with you​ their secrets to​ making beautiful bows like they do. Look for​ instruction books,​ CDs and even DVDs. Once you​ start to​ make your daughter’s,​ grand-daughter’s,​ or​ niece’s bows,​ you​ just might love it​ as​ much as​ we​ do.

Ribbons are back in​ style again,​ and everyone can’t get enough of​ them! There are many sites now making it​ a​ lot easier to​ get fancy ribbon for​ a​ more reasonable price and better selection than any craft store could offer.

Selecting Hair Bows

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