Sedu Ceramic Hair Straighteners Users Guide

You’ve taken the​ first step and purchased a​ sedu hair straightener,​ the​ next step however,​ is​ learning to​ achieve the​ best results from your sedu hair iron. Before we​ look at​ how to​ use the​ sedu hair straightener to​ achieve the​ best results,​ let us first look at​ exactly what sedu ceramic hair straighteners are.

Sedu ceramic hair straighteners are the​ latest in​ hair straightening technology and come complete with ultra smooth ceramic plates that have been designed to​ prevent stretching and breaking of​ the​ hair. the​ sedu hair straightener also comes with a​ faster heat up time and also takes less time to​ achieve your desired hairstyle. Sounds great,​ so how do you​ actually use the​ sedu hair iron?

The first thing you​ will need to​ do with your sedu ceramic hair straighteners is​ of​ course to​ plug them in. the​ sedu hair iron comes with its own temperature control gauge so you​ can select the​ perfect setting for​ your hair type. for​ bleached or​ damaged hair the​ lower setting on​ the​ sedu hair straightener should be used. for​ coarse and stubborn hair use the​ high setting on​ the​ sedu hair straightener.

The next step will be to​ use your sedu hair iron to​ straighten your hair. it​ is​ important to​ remember that sedu ceramic hair straighteners should never be used on​ wet hair. Even on​ slightly damp hair you​ can cause un-repairable damage or​ scorching to​ your hair. you​ should always shampoo and condition your hair,​ add styling products and then blow dry fully before using the​ sedu hair straightener.

By separating your hair into sections the​ sedu hair straightener will be easier to​ use. Take a​ section of​ hair and pass the​ sedu hair iron over it. Do not overuse the​ sedu hair iron on​ any section of​ your hair. it​ is​ important to​ note that the​ sedu hair iron has been designed to​ cut half the​ straightening time of​ other models and therefore 2 to​ three passes on​ each section of​ the​ hair is​ plenty. Repeat this for​ every section of​ hair. Once finished just brush through and your new sedu hairstyle is​ complete.

So you​ see,​ sedu ceramic hair straighteners are simple and easy to​ use,​ and with patience and practice you​ will be on​ your way to​ celebrity sedu hairstyles such as​ the​ Jennifer Aniston sedu hair style everyday.

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