Secrets To Success In Sales Marketing

Secrets To Success In Sales Marketing

I had an​ interesting discussion the​ other day with the​ love of​ my life,​ the​ apple of​ my eye,​ the​ woman that inspires me… (that is​ all true,​ and also just in​ case she is​ reading this. I’m sure you​ all understand!) We were talking about the​ idea that many salesman out there are simply out to​ make as​ much as​ they can,​ then look for the​ next hustle. She felt that salesmen,​ for the​ most part,​ lack some integrity and purpose. They don’t care what they’re selling or​ who they are selling to. They are only interested in​ the​ bottom line – ‘how much can I make?’ to​ an​ extent,​ that is​ the​ popular opinion. I’ve thought about this some more. I’ve thought about the​ different sales occupations I’m familiar with,​ and the​ different types of​ salesmen I know personally.

For the​ most part,​ it​ would seem that the​ majority of​ salesmen initially get in​ with any product or​ service that is​ an​ easy sell,​ or​ high on​ commissions. However,​ if​ you​ look past that,​ you​ see something interesting happen. the​ majority of​ salesmen don’t last too long. Maybe after a​ year or​ two they made a​ decent amount of​ money and now want to​ try something else. Maybe they got burnt out. Maybe it​ just wasn’t for them. as​ you​ look at​ those who have been in​ the​ industry longer and have had increasing success over the​ years,​ (these are the​ models we’re interested in,​ after all) you​ will find that these are people who have learned some common truths in​ the​ world of​ business. Truths that are vital for your business to​ not only survive,​ but to​ thrive.

Going after the​ elusive dollar will bring excitement in​ the​ beginning. But in​ the​ long term,​ it​ leads nowhere. It’s similar to​ the​ myth about the​ toaster never popping if​ you​ watch it. in​ a​ sense,​ you​ can’t get what you​ want – success and money,​ in​ this case – by focusing on​ it. Success and wealth are byproducts of​ a​ much larger,​ much more important task:

Stop trying to​ sell and start trying to​ SERVE. Identify what people really want and need,​ and aim to​ provide it​ for them. Your focus should be to​ HELP PEOPLE. This is​ the​ real nature of​ marketing. Do this and you​ won’t have to​ sell. Customers will beat a​ path to​ your door.

Please do not overlook that statement,​ or​ take it​ likely. if​ your business is​ not performing as​ well as​ you​ want,​ do NOT focus on​ how to​ generate more sales. Rather,​ you​ need to​ look at​ the​ whole picture. Are you​ marketing something people want and need? is​ your approach one of​ trying to​ help the​ customer? Do they feel you’re trying to​ help them?

Under-promise and over-deliver. Your duty as​ a​ marketer,​ as​ a​ business person,​ is​ to​ serve others. It’s as​ simple as​ getting out of​ the​ mentality of​ ‘pushing products’ and asking yourself ‘what service,​ what benefit to​ I provide?’ Then applying that thinking throughout your business. it​ may cause you​ to​ re-evaluate your situation. it​ may not.

If you​ want to​ be someone who lasts in​ business…if you​ want to​ be an​ icon that people will look to​ for advice and inspiration down the​ line…if you​ want to​ leave a​ legacy,​ then you’re going to​ have to​ start by serving others.

To Your Success

Secrets To Success In Sales Marketing

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