Secrets Of Teaching Yoga

What you are about to​ read applies to​ teaching,​ in​ general. in​ fact,​ we​ are all teachers,​ to​ some degree. You teach your friends,​ co-workers,​ strangers and family members on​ a​ daily basis.

The example you set teaches someone in​ some way. Whether you are a​ positive role model,​ or​ not,​ people,​ and the​ world,​ react to​ you. Sorry to​ say,​ you have more responsibility than you thought possible.

Do you realize that when you hurt one person,​ it​ will set a​ chain of​ events into motion? Even worse is​ that,​ most violent acts were stimulated by smaller,​ seemingly unimportant events.

When you talk to​ your students,​ always show mutual respect. Don’t take advantage of​ your position as​ a​ Yoga teacher to​ temporarily feed your ego.

The first thing a​ Yoga teacher should instill,​ in​ his or​ her students,​ is​ self-motivation. the​ serious Yoga student must be a​ self starter. This is​ a​ person who practices Yoga at​ home,​ as​ well as​ in​ class. They don’t depend on​ their friends to​ come to​ class,​ and they show up like “clockwork.”

How can you make your Yoga students become self motivators?

You must show up to​ class early,​ enthused,​ and energized. Encourage all of​ your students and sincerely praise their achievements. the​ truth is,​ Yoga is​ like music,​ you can teach a​ student the​ basics,​ but to​ be a​ master teacher,​ you want to​ stir the​ creativity from within.

When your students become creators,​ you can help them refine their Yoga practice and watch them become self motivators.

A truly great teacher will produce teachers,​ who surpass him or​ her; and isn’t “passing the​ torch” what it’s all about?

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