Secret Yet Powerful Marketing Weapon Revealed

Secret Yet Powerful Marketing Weapon Revealed

So you’ve tried direct mail,​ advertising,​ you’ve got a​ web site,​ maybe you’ve even tried networking as​ a​ marketing strategy. These and many other marketing strategies are all good and if​ performed properly will most likely bring you​ favorable results. a​ word to​ the​ wise here though,​ some of​ them can run you​ a​ fortune in​ marketing costs. And in​ my experience,​ cost has a​ lot less bearing on​ effectiveness than one would like to​ believe. Now being a​ fan of​ Jay Conrad Levinson and his concept of​ “Guerrilla Marketing”,​ I am always on​ the​ lookout for innovative and inexpensive ways to​ market. And what I have for you​ here certainly fits that bill.

I believe Napoleon Hill in​ his 1930’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” was the​ first person to​ coin the​ phrase “Master Mind” and he defined it​ as: “Coordination of​ knowledge and effort,​ in​ a​ spirit of​ harmony,​ between two or​ more people,​ for the​ attainment of​ a​ definite purpose.”

Hmmm… So basically it’s building a​ team that leverages their collective brains and brawn to​ help one another get what they want.

So let’s not beat around the​ bush here. Are you​ ready for the​ secret marketing strategy? Well here goes… It’s quite simple really… there is​ strength in​ numbers. Two minds are exponentially more capable than one mind alone. in​ this equation,​ one plus one does not equal two,​ it​ more closely resembles eleven. We’re talking about leverage here. the​ secret is​ simply to​ gain leverage by creating your own mastermind. Not just any mastermind though; One that specifically focuses on​ marketing – a​ “Marketing Mastermind” so to​ speak.

So my proposal to​ you​ is​ to​ take that exact concept of​ a​ mastermind as​ Napoleon Hill defined it,​ and niche it​ to​ focus primarily on​ marketing.

So real quick what should this mastermind look like? My suggestion would be 4 to​ 8 members from different,​ non-competing industries,​ meeting weekly to​ discuss how they can help each other market their respective businesses – Plain and simple.

Now it’s not my intention here to​ educate you​ in​ any detail on​ how to​ set up and effectively participate in​ a​ mastermind group,​ as​ there are plenty of​ resources out there already that can do that for you,​ it​ is​ simply to​ share with you​ what’s possible by leveraging this concept to​ support your marketing efforts.

Personally,​ I see this strategy as​ a​ phenomenal way for organizations,​ especially smaller ones with little spending money for marketing,​ to​ use the​ power of​ leverage to​ broaden their capability and effectiveness.

While the​ benefits of​ doing this could be endless,​ let me just share with you​ five of​ my favorites:
  1. Plain and simple,​ it​ keeps you​ in​ the​ conversation of​ marketing.

  2. It can provide you​ with unbiased feedback,​ brainstorming,​ and marketing advice based on​ experiences of​ what has worked,​ or​ hasn’t worked for your mastermind teammates.

  3. You will significantly expand your reach and go beyond who you​ know and tap into who your teammates know. Now depending on​ what the​ group agrees to,​ you​ may gain access to​ the​ client list and/or mailing list of​ the​ other members. Additionally,​ you​ can explore the​ possibilities of​ joint marketing initiatives and joint venture arrangements where multiple parties share in​ the​ results.

  4. You’ll be held accountable to​ get done what you​ say you​ will get done. This alone inspires people into action and action ultimately leads to​ results.
  5. The list can go on​ and on​ and on​ however,​ best of​ all,​ masterminding is​ free!

  6. So need I say more? I sincerely hope you’ll take this strategy on​ and try it​ on​ for a​ while. What do you​ got to​ lose? – It’s free. Remember,​ there’s power in​ numbers so build your “Marketing Mastermind” and reap the​ rewards today!

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