Se Optimization For Article Writing So Last Year

So,​ you wanna be an​ SEO guru. Things change at​ a​ rapid pace online. as​ soon as​ Web 2.0 was here,​ talk of​ Web 3.0 ensued. SEO was dead and then no wait! it​ was alive and kicking,​ according to​ the​ pundits. There were black hat marketers,​ white hat marketers,​ grey hat seo and the​ Long Tail. Did you change hats at​ some point in​ a​ panic? is​ keyword density really that important? is​ content still king? One day it’s PPC campaigns,​ another day it’s organic ranking through blogging links and then articles. Aargh! How do I keep it​ all straight?

Today,​ it​ can be hard to​ keep up with the​ buzz words. Once you’ve optimized your website,​ you can find out a​ minute later that Google has changed the​ rules again. What do you do? if​ you get too wrapped up in​ all the​ rules and jargon of​ seo marketing,​ you will actually take your eye too far off the​ ball and lose business and page rank anyway.

First of​ all,​ content always has and always will be king. Writing strictly for SEO is​ not going to​ get you very far for very long. Trying too hard to​ “not” write for seo isn’t going to​ get you very far either. if​ you’re worried about overdoing it​ with your keyword density and don’t use your keywords enough,​ you can end up with content that doesn’t come across naturally. Good,​ organic content is​ going to​ help you in​ more ways than one. First,​ it’s going to​ help you get real human traffic. Secondly,​ it’ll get the​ Google and Yahoo spiders stopping by.

Keeping updated on​ how things work with the​ search engine spider bots is​ going to​ help you keep your website on​ either page one or​ page two. if​ you can’t manage this on​ your own,​ hire a​ pro,​ enrol in​ a​ course or​ buy a​ book. if​ you are past page two for your target keywords,​ your target audience probably won’t find you. You also need to​ focus on​ the​ Long Tail and target more than just the​ top three keywords.

If you get your audience visiting but don’t offer them valuable content,​ they won’t stay and won’t click on​ their “checkout” button. You have to​ please the​ robots and the​ humans. if​ you overdo SEO you won’t please the​ humans. You could also tick off the​ robots and get blacklisted. if​ you try to​ be an​ underachiever and ignore SEO,​ you could miss out and be stuck on​ page seven.

For those who have done a​ lot of​ seo articles,​ it’s a​ great idea to​ stop writing seo articles for a​ while and focus on​ something else. Did you know that forum participation and blogging can be really effective at​ helping you with your PR? Diversify your seo strategy a​ little! Social book marking and tagging are another area of​ seo strategy that can truly help you bring up your readership and ranking of​ your site and increase your sales.

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