Screen Calendar Windows Calendar Software

Screen Calendar Windows Calendar Software

Screen Calendar - Windows Calendar Software
Some day you​ will surely forget about the​ important matter.
Screen Calendar,​ a​ Windows 98/Me/NT/2k/XP utility that lets you​ add PIM like calendar just on​ any wallpapers.
Screen Calendar software really allows you​ to​ make your own calendar and put the​ calendar on​ your desktop wallpaper choosing the​ calendar size and transparency .​
You can add schedule calendar events .​
Double-click a​ calendar to​ schedule your business day .​
To read your records fully,​ just move your mouse over the​ date cell .​
Also,​ your records and calendar can be printed with a​ background image (JPG,​ BMP and PNG image formats are supported) .​
Screen Calendar runs in​ system tray so your PIM is​ always at​ hand.

Beginning with version 7.2,​ you​ can attach any files to​ your daily records.

The program changes the​ desktop look quite easily: choose a​ new skin or​ calendar arrangement and font or​ even set a​ random background calendar image .​
To add new skins simple click any skin link at and the​ one will be installed automatically .​
Also,​ the​ well-dressed desktop calendar is​ wearing elegant WinAmp skins.
Screen Calendar does not request the​ Active Desktop enable but the​ calendar is​ really active on​ your desktop.

Screen Calendar costs $24.95 for a​ single-user license .​
The trial version of​ Screen Calendar is​ free and fully-functional but the​ registration reminder screen will pop up.

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