Save Energy Money And The Planet Every Day Simple Steps Make A Difference

Save Energy Money And The Planet Every Day Simple Steps Make A

At a​ time of​ record-high energy prices and increased attention to​ global warming,​ nearly everyone is​ looking for ways to​ save energy,​ save money on​ utility bills,​ and help to​ protect the​ environment.

Here are simple actions you​ can take this Earth Day,​ and all year round,​ recommended by the​ U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

1. Look for products that have earned the​ Energy Star® for energy efficiency. Energy Star-qualified products prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency criteria. the​ Energy Star label comes on​ more than just appliances-look for the​ government-backed symbol on​ electronics,​ lighting,​ ceiling fans,​ dehumidifiers,​ room and central air conditioners,​ and many other products.

2. Replace your five most frequently used lights,​ or​ the​ bulbs in​ them,​ with energy-efficient,​ compact fluorescent models that have earned the​ Energy Star. This action alone will save you​ $60 a​ year.

3. Cool your home smartly-Get your cooling system ready for summer by cleaning or​ replacing air filters,​ and having a​ contractor do a​ preseason checkup in​ the​ spring. Proper maintenance keeps your system running at​ peak performance and can help you​ save energy dollars this summer.

4. Seal up your home-Adequate insulation and home sealing can help you​ save on​ cooling bills and improve your home's overall comfort when it's hot outside.

5. Share these tips with friends and family. Help spread the​ word that energy efficiency is​ good for our homes and the​ environment.

Most people don't realize that the​ average household can be responsible for nearly twice the​ greenhouse gas emissions as​ the​ average car. These simple steps will help you​ save energy and money,​ while also contributing to​ a​ better environment for your family and community.

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