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Corporations have it​ easy. They’ve got the​ necessary resources to​ make the​ best sales letter. But small businesses like the​ one you’re running can’t compete in​ the​ same ground and thus,​ you have to​ personally make sure that everything goes right with your sales letter. Customers are often unforgiving and with long memories so make sure that you get your sales letter right the​ first time around.

Step by Step Guide on​ How to​ Write a​ Sales Letter

Step #1 Get the​ Date Right
Try to​ determine when’s the​ earliest date your recipient will get a​ hold of​ your sales letter and make sure that you date it​ accordingly. People like to​ read about the​ latest things and anything that’s a​ week old will usually be considered unimportant. Make sure as​ well that your recipient will be provided ample time to​ think about their purchasing decisions.

Step #2 Create a​ Headline with Strong Impact
After the​ date line,​ the​ next thing to​ tackle is​ your headline. This is​ a​ one-line summary of​ the​ content of​ your sales letter. More importantly,​ it​ tells readers WHY they need to​ read your sales letter and what they’ll get from it.

Step #3 Personalize It
After the​ headline,​ it’s time to​ address the​ letter to​ the​ intended recipient. It’s always encouraged for businesses to​ address customers – existing or​ otherwise – by their given name. Your following introductory paragraph must include additional complimentary details about the​ recipient if​ possible.

Step #4 Illustrate a​ Situation
The next paragraph is​ where you slowly lead the​ readers to​ the​ main purpose of​ your sales letter. Illustrate a​ situation that your readers – or​ customers – could easily relate to. the​ situation must be something that you’re assuming your customers still have problems in​ and something that your products or​ services are able to​ solve. if​ you’re selling a​ credit card,​ you might use situations where people are suddenly faced with an​ unexpected mountain of​ debt or​ expenses with no one to​ turn to.

Step #5 Get Rid of​ Potential Problems
Of course,​ your customers might think of​ several problems and concerns they have with what you’re selling but don’t wait for that to​ happen. Be the​ first to​ talk about them and present a​ solution for each.

Step #5 Enter: Product or​ Service
It’s time for your products or​ services to​ make a​ grand entrance by way of​ a​ hero. the​ situation illustrated earlier on​ or​ more to​ the​ point,​ the​ problem described will naturally be solved by the​ product or​ service you’re offering. Focus on​ how much the​ product or​ service will be of​ help to​ the​ customer. Place strong emphasis on​ the​ benefits and not the​ futures of​ your products and services. Effective sales letters always focus not on​ what a​ company’s offering but why customers need the​ company’s offering. Don’t hesitate to​ assume that your customers need what you’re selling. Take it​ as​ a​ given and a​ lot of​ people will immediately follow your line of​ thought.

Step #6 What are You Waiting for?
When you’re done explaining all about the​ wonderful benefits of​ your offer,​ you proceed by making it​ seem like it’s a​ foregone conclusion that they’re going to​ buy. Act like it’s impossible for you to​ conceive that a​ customer would delay buying because the​ offer’s just too good to​ be true so why let it​ slip by?

Step #7 Call Me
And lastly,​ don’t forget to​ give your contact details. Persuade them to​ contact your office even if​ they’re only marginally sure about buying. Right now,​ obtaining interest is​ more than enough!

Dos and Don’ts for Writing a​ Sales Letter
Write in​ the​ language your target market is​ accustomed to. if​ your business’ primary target market is​ made up of​ businessmen,​ adopt a​ businesslike tone. the​ more statistics and figures you use to​ support your claim the​ more they’re inclined to​ believe in​ what you’re offering.

Don’t ignore what your competitors are doing right. Originality is​ always good,​ but if​ you notice something that your competitor is​ doing to​ make an​ effective sales letter,​ know their trade secrets and find a​ way to​ incorporate and improve on​ it​ with your sales letter.

Do double check that you’ve got the​ right name and address of​ your recipient. it​ would just give you too much hassle if​ you’ve sent the​ sales letter to​ the​ wrong recipient.

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