Roxio Software Helps You Take Control Of Your Music

Roxio Software Helps You Take Control Of Your Music

Roxio Software Helps you​ Take Control of​ Your Music
If you​ are a​ music fan,​ whether you​ download songs from the​ Internet or​ have a​ vast collection of​ CDs,​ LPs and cassettes stored in​ your house,​ Roxio has a​ piece of​ software that will help you​ manage your collection and get more out of​ your music .​
Roxio is​ probably best known as​ the​ maker of​ Easy CD Creator,​ a​ program that helped users make copies of​ media,​ even from copy-protected disks .​
Roxio's newest foray into digital media management is​ Easy Media Creator 8 Suite,​ which allows users to​ capture,​ rip and store digital audio,​ make and share playlists,​ import and organize photos,​ capture and edit video,​ view DVDs,​ back up files,​ burn audio,​ video,​ CDs,​ DVDs and photo CDs with ease and much more .​
But there's much more to​ Roxio than Easy Media Creator .​
Roxio's DigitalMedia Studio will help you​ burn discs for backup and sharing of​ files and music,​ as​ well as​ allowing you​ to​ organize your CD collection,​ browse by artist,​ album and genre and create your own mix CDs in​ minutes .​
Roxio's PhotoSuite allows you​ to​ easily correct problems in​ your digital photos,​ create calendars,​ cards and other projects involving photos and burn CDs to​ preserve your precious photos .​
eDVD by Roxio allows you​ to​ add all sorts of​ bells and whistles to​ DVDs you​ author,​ including links to​ web pages,​ high-definition video,​ high-resolution still photos,​ presentations,​ documents,​ spreadsheets,​ flash animation,​ MP3s and more .​
And if​ you​ need help editing the​ video for your Hollywood-quality DVD,​ Roxio can help you​ with its VideoWave program .​
Roxio can also help you​ capture,​ compress and store DVDs,​ remove subtitles or​ alternative language tracks,​ combine DVD and DivX formats on​ one disk,​ play back on​ your computer,​ make labels for your disks and much more .​
If you​ use a​ Macintosh computer,​ don't despair .​
Roxio has powerful media management software for you,​ too .​
It's called Toast,​ and it​ makes just about anything you'd want to​ do with digital audio or​ video a​ whole lots easier .​
Roxio's Toast takes drag and drop simplicity to​ a​ whole new level,​ allowing you​ to​ convert DivX files to​ DVD,​ burn large files across multiple disks,​ compress DvDs,​ put music on​ an​ audio DVD with TV menus and shuffle options,​ create high-definition slide shows,​ even make custom hybrid Mac and PC discs .​
Toast will also help you​ make widescreen DVDs,​ convert LPs,​ cassettes and CDs to​ your iPod,​ And with Spin Doctor,​ which is​ included with Toast 7,​ you​ can capture live audio and store it​ on​ your computer .​
Record a​ speech,​ Internet radio,​ even your old record collection and burn it​ to​ CD or​ audio DVD.
Roxio's line of​ software allows you​ to​ take control of​ all the​ media in​ your home,​ whether you​ want backups of​ DVD movies in​ case the​ kids scratch them up,​ a​ place to​ store family photos or​ a​ way to​ collect and organize your entire audio collection.

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