Role Of Nutrients In Hair Growth

Role Of Nutrients In Hair Growth

Role of​ Nutrients in​ Hair Growth.
Hormones and Vitamins play an important role in​ the​ Hair growth. Hair consists of​ a​ pigment called Melanin which also occurs in​ the​ skin of​ human beings. This pigment is​ responsible for​ the​ dark nature of​ the​ skin and hair. in​ Young people,​ hair has large number of​ melanin pigments which leads to​ Dark nature of​ the​ hair and with the​ increase of​ the​ age,​ the​ no. of​ melanin pigments decreases,​ leading to​ whitening of​ the​ hair in​ old People. in​ older poeple,​ the​ follicles produce thin and long hair,​ and also sometimes also do not produce any hair. This is​ the​ cause for​ the​ Baldness in​ old people.
​alcohol​ effects hair growth,​ i. e. Alcoholics have poor hair growth or​ they experience hair loss due to​ malnutrition.
The Essential mineral for​ the​ growth hair is​ Zinc Zn which is​ responsible for​ hair growth and also prevents hair from becoming Greyish in​ nature. Hormones and vitamins also have an essential role in​ hair growth
Androgens are helpful in​ hair growth and also helps in​ Strengthening of​ Hair Shaft but are present in​ different ratio in​ men and women.
the​ Female hormones called Oestrogens decreases the​ growth of​ hair during the​ growth of​ the​ induvidual. During Pregnancy there is​ difference in​ hair growth as​ blood cntains more amount of​ Oestrogens at​ that time.
the​ effect of​ Androgens in​ male is​ different in​ many people,​ that is​ the​ reason some people do not get beard and hair on​ the​ chest upto a​ certain age of​ above 25 and a​ few get at​ an age of​ near 20.
Vitamin B Panthenol Helps in​ maintaing the​ growth of​ hair and also contributes to​ the​ elastic nature and strength of​ the​ hair. Steroids taken by Asthma patients through inhalation does not effect the​ hair growth,​ but if​ taken orally,​ will slow down the​ hair growth.
Finally,​ Hormones are genetically produced and are determined and they help in​ growth of​ the​ hair.

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