Resume Writing

Resume Writing
A resume is​ a​ path that sets people on​ the​ roads of​ success in​ their career .​
In today’s competitive world,​ only a​ few resumes get to​ the​ top table for a​ brief glance .​
a​ resume should be written in​ a​ manner such that the​ reader is​ enticed to​ peruse it .​
a​ well-written resume stimulates interest in​ meeting the​ candidate and learning more about him .​
It inspires the​ prospective employer to​ pick up the​ phone and ask the​ candidate to​ come for an​ interview.
Every resume has its own way of​ communicating and creating an​ impression,​ but there are certain things that a​ candidate should be careful while writing a​ resume .​
There should be no constraint on​ its size .​
a​ resume can be of​ one or​ more pages depending on​ the​ experience of​ the​ person .​
However,​ the​ number of​ pages does not necessarily increase with experience,​ and an​ employer may feel reluctant in​ picking and reading long resumes .​
Thus a​ good resume should bring out a​ clear and concise piece of​ required information.
Writing a​ resume is​ an​ art in​ itself .​
It is​ a​ means to​ create a​ communication between the​ candidate and the​ employer .​
The resume is​ a​ tool with one specific purpose,​ which is​ to​ win an​ interview .​
It should be able to​ convince the​ employer that the​ candidate is​ a​ worthy one.
The candidate should try and project the​ resume according to​ the​ specific job requirements .​
However,​ one shouldn’t just simply copy the​ job description jargon from the​ company's HR manual or​ the​ job advertisement .​
Personal information has nothing to​ do with the​ professional status .​
Hence,​ in​ most cases,​ there is​ little need to​ include information on​ marital status,​ age,​ race,​ family or​ hobbies.
In today’s challenging job market,​ resume is​ the​ only weapon of​ a​ job seeker .​
This makes resume writing an​ indispensable resource .​
Whether writing a​ resume by oneself or​ employing external help,​ the​ candidate should make sure the​ document projects his image in​ the​ best possible manner.

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