Resume Writing 3 Tips For Success

Resume writing is​ possibly the​ biggest stumbling block for folks who are looking for a​ job. While it​ may seem simple,​ there are allot of​ subtle things that really matter. Potential employers are flooded with resumes in​ response to​ their job postings,​ and you only have a​ few short moments to​ make it​ or​ your resume will end up in​ the​ trash. So,​ how do you optimize your resume to​ make it​ likely to​ get read? Here are 3 great tips to​ get you started.

1. Be Comprehensive,​ yet Succinct.

While your resume should contain a​ detailed account of​ your qualifications and accomplishments,​ you need to​ keep on​ topic specific to​ the​ job you are applying for. if​ you are applying for a​ position as​ an​ office manager,​ for example,​ you don't need to​ include references to​ your stint as​ a​ rodeo clown. the​ prospective employer will likely be interested only in​ the​ skills and work experience that relates directly to​ the​ position they are trying to​ fill. Give them what they are looking for. Take a​ thorough account of​ your work history and skillset and choose to​ highlight what is​ relevant,​ and eliminate or​ downplay the​ items that are irrelevant. This strategy of​ niche resume writing keeps your resume focused and gives you the​ advantage of​ appearing to​ be the​ most qualified candidate for the​ job.

2. Your Resume Should be Formatted Nicely

Kooky fonts and such may be okay for personal communications,​ but your resume should be more "standardized". You want it​ to​ appear as​ neat and tidy as... well,​ yourself,​ right? a​ typewritten resume using standard fonts such as​ Times New Roman and Arial on​ high quality plain white paper will be a​ winner every time. You also need to​ pay close attention to​ your spelling,​ punctuation,​ and grammar. Nothing would be more embarrassing than a​ resume with typos,​ grammatical errors,​ and misspellings. Not only embarrassing,​ but presenting a​ resume with errors will not impress potential employers and will likely land your resume in​ the​ trash can. Don't rely on​ computer based spelling and grammar checks. Check it​ yourself,​ and if​ possible,​ get someone else to​ check it​ for you as​ well. Also be wary of​ the​ reformatting that sometimes happens when you upload your resume to​ an​ Internet based resume submission service. Allot of​ times,​ you will loose your careful formatting only to​ find it​ replaced with the​ wrong margin,​ strange fonts and worse. Before you send it,​ check it!

3. Show Enthusiasm

Your resume and cover letter should not be something that you write begrudgingly. You are excited about the​ job you are applying for,​ correct? Well,​ then show it! Your excitement will come across in​ your resume and cover letter and will impress perspective employers. Whenever it​ makes sense to,​ use action words to​ describe your career history and goals.
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