Restaurant Marketing Tips Advertise Online For Free Part 1

Restaurant Marketing Tips - Advertise Online For Free! Part 1
There were 11,​820 searches for pizza restaurants in​ Chicago on​ Yahoo! in​ May,​ 2018 .​
In Los Angeles there were 7,​993 searches and in​ Detroit,​ 5,​522 .​
Identical searches occurred in​ nearly every major and not so major city in​ the​ U.S.
And not just for pizza restaurants .​
Italian,​ Mexican,​ American,​ Chinese and just plain restaurants,​ all had their share of​ online searches.
In short,​ there are a​ lot of​ people looking for good food online .​
The smart restaurants are positioning themselves to​ reach these online customers,​ make them feel welcome,​ and encourage them to​ try their restaurant's food.
Marketing your restaurant on​ the​ Internet means targeting your Internet advertising so that it​ will reach your local customers .​
Bring them to​ your website,​ give them good reasons to​ try your food and make it​ easy for them to​ place their first order with you.
Unless you​ happen to​ own a​ national restaurant chain,​ or​ are located in​ a​ major tourist destination,​ your customers are probably going to​ be located within a​ five to​ ten mile radius of​ your restaurant.
Your ultimate marketing goal is​ to​ get people to​ try your food .​
Internet marketing is​ no different,​ only the​ tools you​ use are new .​
One key tool you​ should have is​ your own website.
Once potential customers visit your website,​ your site should have all the​ tools needed to​ convince them to​ give your restaurant a​ try.
But before your website can do its job,​ you​ need to​ bring local online visitors there.
That's where local Internet advertising comes into play .​
There are plenty of​ ways to​ reach your local online community on​ the​ Internet .​
One often overlooked method is​ the​ Yahoo! local business listing.
Anyone can create a​ local Yahoo! business listing for free .​
The listing can contain your restaurant contact information and include a​ link to​ your website.
With a​ local Yahoo! listing your restaurant can show up near the​ top of​ the​ search results when someone does a​ search for your selected category .​
When they browse your listing they can click on​ your web address and will be taken to​ your web page .​
For example,​ let's assume you​ operate a​ pizza shop in​ Chelsea,​ Michigan .​
Go to​ Yahoo! and do a​ search for pizza restaurant Chelsea Michigan or​ pizza Chelsea Michigan .​
In the​ first page of​ the​ search results notice a​ section called local listings .​
You will probably see an​ entry for Ollie's Main Street Pizza .​
Click on​ it​ and you'll see their local listing which includes their website,​ which you​ can click on​ to​ visit their web page.
You can create your own local listing on​ Yahoo! just like Ollie's.
To create your free listing,​ use your web browser and navigate to​ .​
If you​ have a​ Yahoo! member ID and password and are not logged in,​ you​ have to​ log in​ now; if​ you​ are not registered with Yahoo,​ you​ will need to​ create a​ member ID and password (it's free) to​ list your business.
Once you​ have accessed,​ scroll down to​ the​ bottom and click on​ Add/Edit a​ Business.
You will then be on​ the​ Yahoo! Search Marketing Local Listings page .​
In the​ lower right of​ the​ screen you​ will see Local Basic Listings FREE .​
Click on​ the​ Get Started button (you may need to​ scroll down to​ see it) .​
You may need to​ log in​ again with your Yahoo! ID and password.
The form for your local business listing now is​ displayed .​
When filling it​ out,​ be sure to​ include your full web address .​
That is,​ rather than just
Include a​ description of​ your food and services in​ the​ description section .​
Avoid hype or​ blatant advertising,​ the​ listing must pass Yahoo's editorial review and the​ simple facts are your best bet here.
Also,​ be sure to​ select the​ appropriate business category and sub categories .​
In our case,​ this would be restaurant and pizza.
Assuming your listing passes editorial review,​ it​ should show up in​ 3 to​ 5 business days.
When it​ does,​ someone who searches for pizza restaurants in​ your town will see your restaurant in​ the​ local listings on​ the​ search results page .​
Through that listing they will be able to​ visit your website and you​ can convince them to​ try your fresh baked,​ hand tossed,​ home made pizza.
This is​ just one of​ many ways to​ advertise online for free.
Bear in​ mind though,​ that all the​ free Internet advertisements in​ the​ world will do you​ little good unless your web site can engage your visitors and convince them to​ become your customers .​
Since it​ is​ not yet possible to​ upload the​ mouth watering aromas that waft from your kitchen,​ you'll need to​ use other techniques on​ your website.
We'll talk about that in​ the​ next part of​ this article series along with another free online marketing tip.

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