Rental Trucks Amid High Fuel Prices Still Best Moving Value

Rental Trucks Amid High Fuel Prices Still Best Moving Value

Renting a​ truck and​ doing a​ self move, even in​ the face of​ what look to​ be new record high fuel prices is​ still one of​ the best moving values going. Truck rentals are also a​ better fit for​ a​ busy schedule.

Planning to​ make a​ self move with a​ rental truck can save hundreds or​ even thousands of​ dollars over full service moving companies. The option​ to​ rent a​ truck and​ do the packing and​ loading is​ one that more and​ more people are taking advantage of​ every day. There may be times when hiring a​ professional moving company makes perfect sense. But there are certainly times when it​ makes no sense at​ all. When thousands of​ dollars in​ savings can be realized by rental truck use verses hiring a​ professional is​ surely one to​ consider. Sure there is​ more work to​ do with a​ self move, but then again, not everyone has money to​ burn.

Fuel Prices driving toward the 3 dollar a​ gallon​ mark again​ have not removed Rental trucks from being a​ top option​ for​ saving money when moving and​ the reasons are many. Today’s fleets of​ modern Rental trucks are designed to​ be more energy efficient as​ well as​ user friendly. Modern rental trucks that sport the latest in​ engine and​ chassis design mean better gas mileage which in​ turn means savings for​ the customer.

Also the newer rental trucks and​ equipment, with the aid of​ sophisticated onboard computer systems are able to​ warn customers about potential or​ existing problems with the engine, transmission​ and​ electrical system, making rental trucks safer and​ more convenient then ever before. Also these new systems help the fleet company keep costs down by helping service technicians keep down time to​ a​ minimum. More time in​ service relates to​ big savings to​ the companies, of​ which most are willing to​ share with the customer in​ the way of​ extra customer care and​ support services, which in​ turns boosts customer relations. It’s a​ win​ win​ situation​ for​ all concerned.

Some fleets have new navigation​ systems that can help the customer get from point a​ to​ point B in​ less time which can also be a​ valuable money saver. Some fleets only have this​ option​ on​ Local or​ round trip use trucks and​ vans, but look to​ see it​ nation​ wide very soon.

Most large rental truck fleets have offices in​ most major cities as​ well as​ larger size towns, something most of​ the large professional moving companies don’t have. this​ makes it​ much easier to​ find, deal with, rent and​ finally return the rental truck. One of​ the pit falls of​ hiring a​ professional mover is​ that if​ they don’t happen to​ have an​ office or​ hub near the customers final destination, often times extra charges are levied to​ pay for​ the truck returning to​ a​ central hub or​ for​ extra driver wages or​ both. Hiring a​ professional mover most times means planning your​ move around their often less then on​ time schedule. Using a​ rental truck for​ a​ move doesn’t suffer from someone else’s failure to​ meet a​ schedule. There is​ never the wondering if​ the truck will show up on​ time, or​ at​ all.

So when its time to​ move consider a​ self move rental truck, do the math, and​ decide which makes more sense. See which one is​ the better value especially if​ there is​ a​ moving budget involved. The figures will be surprising, even when the 3 plus dollar a​ gallon​ fuel is​ involved. it​ sounds hard to​ believe, but it’s true. Check it​ out.

Rental Trucks Amid High Fuel Prices Still Best Moving Value

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