Remote Control Car Maintenance Tips

Remote Control Car Maintenance Tips
Remote control car racing has always been a​ wonderful hobby any one can get addicted to .​
Motoring fast is​ also one of​ the causes why so many people are interested in​ car racing .​
But using an​ RC car is​ not the same as​ driving an​ actual one .​
in​ addition​ to​ the fact that they are much smaller in​ size, RC cars are controlled by remote controls apparently .​
Remote or​ radio controlled car racing is​ an​ exiting event among hobbyists in​ many parts of​ the world .​
Remote control car racing creates exhilaration, whether you're competing against the child in​ the neighborhood or​ seriously on​ the track.
The major distinction​ between a​ fuel-powered car and​ an​ electric car is​ the engine .​
The RC battery car has a​ motor and​ batteries .​
The car operates with electricity that makes the car run .​
The nitro RC controlled car consists of​ a​ specially made motor .​
The engine is​ run by fuel as​ in​ the case of​ an​ ordinary car .​
a​ specially made methanol based fuel is​ used for​ RC cars .​
Some other RC cars make use of​ gasoline .​
However such cars are bigger models and​ not fully hobby radio control cars.
Maintaining a​ well-functioning RC car is​ a​ tough task to​ do .​
Even though this​ hobby can take a​ good amount of​ time, in​ case you​ look back at​ your​ hard work towards the end, you​ won't get disappointed at​ all .​
Many important things need to​ be checked on, and​ this​ bears on​ the wheels since they are always in​ contact with the wet ground .​
The front side spindles are to​ be looked at​ first and​ in​ case there is​ any slop on​ the tires, clean it​ immediately .​
Observing the tightness of​ the tiers after it​ becomes wet is​ vital .​
Test the wheels by shaking it​ and​ if​ you​ feel it​ is​ loose, pad or​ shim it​ instantly, and​ urgently replace if​ required.
Two ways are there to​ increase the grip of​ the RC car .​
First of​ all, you​ can control the suspension​ at​ the particular part .​
The same can be done by reducing the tensity of​ the spring, with a​ less viscous oil or​ with a​ shock piston​ having more number of​ holes .​
These last two measures allow oil to​ enter the carburetor and​ get used more promptly .​
Instead, you​ can alter the emplacement of​ the shock shaft proportional to​ the chassis .​
in​ case the shock absorber is​ mounted towards the end of​ the arm, the tire will be subjected to​ a​ force same to​ that of​ the whole spring.
if​ the atmosphere is​ very cold or​ dirty then you​ are likely to​ find that the one way bearing could become useless owing to​ the great becoming dirty or​ cold so looses its fluidness meaning the bearing to​ slip off .​
if​ such a​ situation​ arises, try to​ warm the car and​ gearbox up for​ about 5 to​ 10 minutes with the help of​ a​ small hairdryer, heater and​ you​ will see the problem disappears .​
if​ the problem occurs again​ then the first gear wheel will require removal and​ wd40 or​ alike applied to​ the shaft and​ bearing .​
Applying the wd40 ensure that the center and​ the shaft of​ the one-way bearing gets rid of​ all grease .​
After that you​ can use fresh grease but make sure that it​ is​ grease used on​ one way bearing .​
Removing the RC car’s gearbox is​ very easy but will take some time to​ learn.
Radio control trucks and​ cars that use electricity require rechargeable batteries to​ counterbalance the running time of​ your​ practice and​ duration​ of​ the race .​
As there are different kinds of​ batteries available in​ the market, ensure that you​ have the apt information​ about the required battery set for​ your​ remote control vehicle .​
Therefore, firstly identify the type of​ the battery .​
They are mainly the NiCD and​ NiMH ones .​
NiCD means nickel-cadmium whereas NiMH stands for​ nickel-hydride.
As part of​ a​ good maintenance, you​ can wash out the dirt and​ other unneeded deposits in​ your​ RC car after every race .​
this​ does not make you​ a​ determined person​ but keeping your​ RC vehicle this​ way will make you​ much more concerned about it .​
The best thing about conserving a​ motor for​ your​ remote control car is​ to​ understand​ that all engines will lose their spic-and-span and​ telling performance as​ time goes on​ .​
Just try to​ ensure that you​ spend money for​ cleaning it​ and​ keeping it​ in​ good running condition​ as​ though you​ bought the car a​ week ago.

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