Recruiting Software Vs Ms Outlook

Recruiting Software Vs Ms Outlook

Recruiting Software Vs .​
We have started to​ upgrade our interface to​ MS OUTLOOK in​ our recruiting software .​
OUTLOOK is​ has a​ tremendous usage (might want to​ say OUTLOOK has tremendous value and most executive search recruiters are already using it) Most executive search recruiters evaluating recruiting software are already using OUTLOOK.
Can OUTLOOK be used as​ a​ total solution for a​ recruiter?
No,​ it​ cannot .​
But many recruiter prospects come to​ us with this challenge .​
They are heavy users of​ OUTLOOK but they have exhausted the​ limits of​ OUTLOOK as​ a​ recruiting tool .​
However,​ they want to​ continue using some of​ the​ OUTLOOK features .​
the​ challenge for recruiting software is​ to​ provide the​ recruiter with recruitment software that blends the​ use of​ OUTLOOK with their recruiting software .​
the​ real challenge for us vendors is​ some tasks performed by OUTLOOK are best done by a​ recruiting system whose primary focus is​ Applicants/Candidates and Clients.
So we have a​ customer who definitely needs more recruiting software power,​ but they are desperately hanging on​ to​ features in​ OUTLOOK .​
They want to​ continue using them because they are comfortable with them .​
Change is​ always traumatic and downtime can be expected .​
Downtime for a​ recruiter can be catastrophic.
So what should a​ recruiting software vendor do when they introduce their product to​ a​ customer who is​ a​ heavy OUTLOOK user? Should we insist that the​ customer stop using OUTLOOK and start using our product for tasks they were performing in​ OUTLOOK? Sometimes yes,​ sometimes no .​
Good recruiting/staffing software needs to​ adapt into an​ OUTLOOK environment and the​ recruiter must be able to​ continue sometimes less effective steps than if​ they were to​ abandon OUTLOOK all together .​
Efficiency is​ not necessarily the​ final word for a​ recruiter to​ be successful .​
Sometimes we as​ vendors lose track of​ our goals and make efficiency and features into deities they don’t deserve .​
If a​ good recruiter is​ comfortable,​ happy and doing a​ good job,​ is​ there any reason to​ turn his or​ her life upside down in​ the​ hopes that after the​ ravages of​ change they will come out better for it .​
I​ don’t think so .​
Many recruiting companies lose good recruiters this way.
So I​ think good recruiting software has to​ provide options where OUTLOOK can be used,​ or​ not used,​ without affecting the​ recruiting system .​
Data must flow freely between the​ two systems .​
The recruiter must be allowed to​ continue to​ perform certain tasks that are more comfortable in​ OUTLOOK .​
What makes OUTLOOK so useful but not a​ complete recruiting system? the​ biggest difference is​ OUTLOOK is​ targeted for its user and all his or​ her activities,​ email,​ contacts and notes .​
But it​ is​ the​ view of​ a​ single user .​
Recruiting software is​ primarily geared for collaboration and the​ compiling and organizing of​ information on​ clients and applicants .​
OUTLOOK could care less if​ someone in​ the​ contact is​ an​ applicant or​ client .​
Outlook’s method of​ storing information as​ notes,​ contacts and even resumes does not lend itself to​ the​ one critical need of​ a​ recruiter,​ searching for candidates or​ clients that have a​ particular work history or​ job need that demands certain skills .​
OUTLOOK does not lend itself very well to​ bringing a​ job order or​ requisition together as​ a​ complete project .​
the​ pieces such as​ candidate notes,​ references and interviews have to​ be manually put together .​
a​ recruiting system brings this information together as​ the​ natural course of​ filling a​ position .​
When you​ look up a​ candidate in​ a​ recruiting system you​ generally know all about them i.e.,​ all contacts,​ notes,​ resume,​ interviews,​ salary,​ work history etc.. .​
When you​ look up a​ client it​ is​ generally the​ same thing,​ all contacts,​ and plans for contact,​ positions filled and progress on​ assignments .​

OUTLOOK is​ not designed for this natural gathering of​ information as​ a​ recruiter works,​ so using OUTLOOK alone as​ recruiting software eventually bogs the​ recruiter down as​ the​ number of​ applicants and clients increase.
Good recruiting software should not bog down as​ the​ numbers of​ clients and applicants increase.
How do we keep recruiters happy using our recruitment software and still not getting bogged down using all the​ neat features in​ OUTLOOK? Not very easy,​ but there are some key points that recruiting software must be able to​ do with OUTLOOK.
• Since OUTLOOK has a​ built in​ PDA interface the​ recruiting software should have an​ exporting and importing feature to​ OUTLOOK that is​ expressly designed for PDA use .​
It makes no sense to​ for the​ recruiting software to​ have a​ separate PDA interface.
• Recruitment software should have it’s own calendar system independent of​ OUTLOOK .​
BUT the​ two calendars must be able to​ talk to​ each other .​
If an​ entry is​ made in​ the​ OUTLOOK calendar there must be an​ option to​ post to​ the​ recruiting software calendar and vice versa .​
Implementing a​ Calendar interface to​ OUTLOOK is​ full of​ land mines and can easily lead to​ unwieldy tasks imposed on​ the​ recruiter.
• A recruiter’s notes are always about an​ individual,​ either a​ client or​ applicant .​
OUTLOOK notes don’t necessarily attach a​ note to​ a​ client or​ applicant and I​ think this is​ where the​ OUTLOOK note system should be customized to​ identify people .​
I​ think notes should go only one way to​ the​ recruiting system notes .​
Porting notes from the​ recruiting system to​ OUTLOOK notes makes no sense.
• Emails of​ applicants and clients should definitely be available in​ the​ recruiting system .​
We are still undecided if​ they should be redundant residing in​ both the​ pst file and the​ recruiting software .​
What is​ definite is​ a​ good filtering interface so the​ recruiting system only accesses emails of​ clients and applicants.
• Batch emailing to​ clients and applicants is​ a​ must for recruiting software if​ it​ is​ going to​ have any CRM capabilities .​
OUTLOOK makes it​ tough to​ batch email because of​ its security features.
• Outlook’s contacts can either be expected to​ be all clients and applicants or​ have an​ identifier that says that they are not either,​ and therefore not part of​ the​ recruiting system.
Interfacing to​ OUTLOOK is​ a​ tough job,​ especially since it​ is​ constantly changing .​
But bottom line,​ I​ believe recruiting software can be judged by its interface to​ OUTLOOK.

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