Real World Mlm Marketing Tips Visibility Through Local Events

Real World Mlm Marketing Tips Visibility Through Local Events

Here's a​ real world example of​ how some folks market their MLM business AND products/services:

Our area has an​ event called a​ "Homearama" annually every fall. For this event select builders in​ the​ area construct a​ number of​ houses at​ a​ pre-determined site (usually a​ new or​ nearly new development) for the​ purpose of​ "showing" new construction methods,​ designs,​ landscaping,​ interior decorating,​ trends,​ floor plans,​ gadgets,​ etc. They also showcase the​ homes for sale and also the​ area the​ homes are built in. There are about 5 cities which alternate hosting this event.

The Homearama is​ a​ huge event that all the​ surrounding communities look forward to​ every year.....and draws 1,​000's of​ visitors daily over about a​ 2 week time period. This is​ a​ great opportunity to​ "reach" the​ public with a​ targeted campaign if​ you​ plan well. Just imagine the​ networking possibilities.

For example I've seen the​ following:

1. the​ entrance to​ the​ area where the​ home tours start goes through a​ long series of​ "tents" lined with booths populated by various companies and products. you​ HAVE to​ walk through this area to​ get to​ the​ homes....and again when you​ leave. Can you​ say captive audience?

I've seen a​ couple groups set up booths in​ this area offering their products or​ services (signs,​ banners,​ brochures,​ business cards,​ videos,​ etc.). Gifties visitors can take with them go over well (product samples,​ magnetic stickers for your refrigerator,​ visors,​ cups,​ tote bags,​ phone pads,​ pens,​ etc.). They also have a​ raffle or​ contest where some lucky visitor can win free products or​ services. the​ typical fill out an​ entry form with contact info & drop it​ in​ a​ box....with the​ drawing held the​ last day (not required to​ be present).

What's this do?

First it​ gains visibility.... munity branding. a​ few sales directly and lots of​ interested folks picking up "information" and/or samples. And of​ course lots of​ conversations to​ follow-up on.

Second,​ the​ contest/raffle creates a​ list of​ potential contacts for follow-up via the​ entry forms (name,​ address,​ phone number,​ email).

Note: for this to​ be successful you'd need to​ have a​ dedicated team of​ local distributors willing to​ man the​ booth and talk with folks during the​ events open hours. Also they should have a​ clear plan for following up with any contacts made.

2. Some folks have even been able to​ have their products displayed in​ the​ homes themselves through relationships or​ negotiated agreements with the​ builders,​ decorators,​ or​ event planners. For example how about Mia Bella candles attractively shown in​ the​ Master bedroom,​ bathroom,​ kitchen,​ or​ formal dining room? How about Noni on​ the​ kitchen counter.... or​ Melalueca on​ the​ bathroom vanity....or Earthlink on​ the​ computer screen....or Packet8 by the​ phone,​ or....well you​ get the​ idea.

Also,​ not just the​ products/services are shown. you​ also display a​ business card rack so interested visitors can "find out more".

3. Here's one that's not so obvious....relationships with other vendors,​ real estate agents,​ mortgage brokers,​ concessionaires,​ and builders who participate in​ the​ event. Your potential contacts aren't limited just to​ the​ "visiting" public. Network with the​ event organizers & participants too.

There's a​ lot of​ possibilities with an​ event like this. in​ my area it's called Homearama. in​ other areas it's Showcase of​ Homes or​ something similar.

I suggest you​ look into it​ and see if​ you​ can take advantage of​ the​ possibilities yourself.

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