Real World Mlm Marketing Tips Reach Your Target Audience Through Guest Speaking

Here's another "creative" method of​ offline marketing that will take some effort on​ your part .... but no cash outlay.

Volunteer as​ a​ speaker for various business,​ educational,​ or​ other organizations. This is​ a​ great way to​ reach a​ targeted audience and brand yourself as​ an​ expert in​ their eyes.

Groups like your local Chamber of​ Commerce,​ PTA,​ Garden Club,​ Hunt Club,​ Single Parents,​ Home Owner's Association,​ VFW,​ Church,​ Little League,​ Soccer Club,​ Kiwana's,​ VFW,​ American Legion,​ Moose Lodge,​ Alumni Association,​ etc. hold meetings where they frequently need speakers. Do some research and find out all such groups in​ your area then contact them to​ volunteer your services as​ a​ speaker.

You'll have to​ do some work to​ prepare a​ talk pertinent in​ subject matter to​ their interest .... of​ course. But the​ event itself as​ well as​ the​ contacts you'll make create a​ great networking opportunity for you.

People will be curious about what you​ do. the​ host will obviously introduce you​ before you​ speak and include a​ little about "who you​ are". Just make friends and share as​ appropriate when appropriate.

This is​ more about branding yourself in​ the​ community and reaching large groups while doing it.

An added benefit of​ this method is​ the​ opportunity to​ hone your presentation/communication skills and practice simple networking.

I don't suggest setting up any kind of​ display of​ your "wares" .... but you​ certainly may have some type of​ momento made available to​ the​ guests. Perhaps something like mugs,​ pens,​ refrigerator magnets,​ and such with your logo and website url. Maybe even a​ "gift basket" or​ 2 as​ a​ door prize .... donated by you​ of​ course .... with your business card inside. Just be subtle not obvious.

Of course do have plenty of​ business cards to​ share if​ asked. Don't force them on​ anyone but be prepared.

The point is​ just to​ gain visibilty .... network .... make contacts .... and DEFINITELY follow-up afterward.

Another related tip is​ to​ be sure that any write-up of​ the​ event for local print media includes not only your name as​ guest speaker .... but something like your website url for curious readers also.

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