Read This If You Treasure Your Hair

Read This If You Treasure Your Hair

There are many very effective hair loss products on​ the​ market now,​ and one of​ the​ more popular ones are like Rogaine. Rogaine provides optimal nourishment for​ you​ hair. Because a​ woman is​ also troubled by hormones,​ Rogaine can quickly control the​ situation.

Hair growth is​ stimulated and lost hair starts to​ grow back. Don't wait too long,​ because being female means you​ are open to​ remarks like "Give it​ some time and it​ will return to​ normal" or​ "that is​ common during pregnancy" Various researches has shown that most women's hair does not completely grow back. This is​ why treatment is​ an​ invaluable investment as​ it​ leads to​ the​ once enjoyed 'crowning glory'.

How about Pregnancy?
During pregnancy it​ is​ not recommended to​ use Rogaine. the​ hair loss will only start after giving birth. Use the​ treatment when the​ hair loss begins.

What happens when you​ get bald?
The discovery in​ the​ field of​ hair loss has relevancy to​ the​ phases as​ described above. Research has shown that persons who become bald have a​ thickened hair root. for​ you,​ this has the​ following consequences:

1. Hair gets a​ delicate structure.
2. Hair does not get older than a​ few weeks or​ months because the​ hair bulb can not move back.
3. Hair falls out a​ lot and eventually you​ will be bald.

Can Hormones Cause Hair Loss?
When progesterone levels fall as​ a​ result of​ lack of​ ovulation,​ the​ body responds by increasing its production of​ the​ adrenal cortical steroid,​ androstenedione,​ an​ alternative precursor for​ the​ production of​ other adrenal cortical hormones. Androstenedione conveys some androgenic properties,​ in​ this case,​ male pattern hair loss.

When progesterone levels are raised by natural progesterone supplements,​ the​ androstenedione level will gradually fall,​ and your normal hair growth will eventually resume. Since hair growth is​ a​ slow process,​ it​ may take four to​ six months for​ the​ effects to​ become apparent. This can be corrected by using naturally compounded hormones.

Most importantly,​ thinning,​ dry,​ lost hair can make a​ woman feel less feminine,​ can cause depression and even anxiety. Togather with that,​ as​ we​ get older,​ seeing those scraggly gray hairs popping up can add to​ the​ above feelings. One way to​ feel better is​ to​ do some reesarch,​ or​ see a​ dermatologist to​ ascertain if​ there's any reason why adding a​ little color to​ your hair would cause a​ problem.

You don't want to​ use any product that's too harsh! So,​ how do you​ reverse hair thinning trend? we​ urge you​ to​ come find out more! Save your crowning glory today!

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