Reactive Marketing

Reactive Marketing

Reactive Marketing
If you​ haven’t already gathered,​ there is​ a​ small event taking place this month that has something to​ do with football mmmm…
Reactive Marketing
Need to​ react quickly to​ an​ event….Like England obviously winning the​ world cup!
No problem,​ by using our digital printing technology,​ we have the​ ability to​ enable you​ to​ get the​ most from the​ feel good factor and generate even greater results from your mailings.
Our personalisation methods are proven to​ increase response rates by up to​ 33%*.Couple this,​ with a​ significant event or​ a​ promotion and these rates can be even higher .​
Such campaigns may include;
A sporting event
A birthday
A purchase
The birth of​ a​ child
Product recall
By sending the​ right message at​ the​ right time you​ are able to​ create additional impact and reposonses.
If you​ would like to​ know more about how we can help,​ please contact contact Jon Tolley ,​ or​ alternatively call Prime Litho on​ 0115 9244344 .​
* Research commissioned by one of​ the​ UK’s leading direct mail houses in​ November 2004 discovered that senior marketing professionals expect a​ personalised campaign to​ deliver an​ average 33% increase in​ response rates,​ compared to​ a​ non-personalised campaign .​
also,​ 32% of​ direct mail uses variable colour printing,​ and this is​ expected to​ reach 48% by 2018.

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