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The Horrible Internet
No doubt the​ internet is​ saturated with money making offers,​ and like many of​ you​ reading this article,​ I have tried a​ considerable number of​ them and have ended up worse off than when I decided to​ join. There are a​ lot of​ hyped up and over inflammatory promises of​ how you​ will make thousands of​ dollars every week for the​ rest of​ your life. Tempting as​ these offers may sound,​ they also require you​ to​ buy the​ "system" so that the​ author can reveal the​ well guarded money making secrets,​ and it​ is​ only after your Credit Card or​ PayPal account has been billed that you​ finally realize that you've been sold a​ lemon. No doubt you're searching for an​ honest business opportunity to​ either supplement or​ replace your monthly income. Believe it​ or​ not,​ the​ potential to​ make real money online is​ there,​ but it​ is​ surprisingly not so easy to​ find. a​ few weeks back I came across an​ Affiliate Marketing program that struck me as​ odd and unusually different. it​ is​ called Affiliate Junktion.

About Affiliate Junktion
The first thing you​ will notice when you​ visit the​ Affiliate Junktion website is​ that you​ are readily told what the​ program is​ about before you​ even have to​ fill in​ your email address,​ let alone make a​ payment. the​ program is​ 100% free to​ join,​ and you​ should expect to​ earn at​ least $150 per day within 30 days after joining. $150 per day is​ the​ bare minimum you​ can expect to​ make after 30 days. I reached the​ $75 per day figure four days after starting the​ program,​ and the​ figure has been climbing steadily since. My target is​ $500 per day. What to​ Expect After signing up for free,​ you​ will receive a​ confirmation email,​ after which you​ receive another email with instruction on​ what to​ do next. Trust me,​ these instructions could not be simpler,​ and they make it​ very easy for you​ to​ kick off your business and work towards earning money every day. Here's what you​ can expect

1. Watch the​ 2 minute video tutorial on​ how to​ get started.

2. Register for a​ Pro hosting plan with iPower,​ which includes a​ free domain. you​ will have to​ pay for this yourself,​ BUT Affiliate Junktion will refund you​ soon after you​ mail them the​ confirmation. the​ cool thing about this is​ that I paid $53 for my hosting with iPower,​ but was refunded $75. Already that's a​ $22 profit before even getting started!

3. Once you​ get your membership and login information,​ you​ will have your website setup and running with your own first class domain. This is​ where the​ action starts.
Unbelievable personal support anytime you​ need it. Your personal mentor is​ always more than willing to​ help you​ achieve the​ same success,​ although there may be some delay in​ response.

What are the​ Risks?
As mentioned before,​ the​ program is​ free to​ join,​ and I have never come across an​ affiliate program willing to​ pay for your hosting. the​ website you​ get is​ a​ real deal,​ and you​ can host 24 other separate domains using the​ same account in​ addition to​ the​ Affiliate Junktion one. So if​ you​ are looking to​ expand your online business later,​ this is​ by far the​ best way to​ get hosted for a​ whole year for FREE! in​ addition you​ will also be able to​ register an​ unlimited number of​ email addresses with your domains. Furthermore,​ Affiliate Junktion has a​ very unique and full proof guarantee in​ case you​ don't manage to​ make at​ least $150 per day after 30 days. Whilst most network marketing programs have a​ refund policy,​ Affiliate Junktion goes several steps further by offering you​ a​ Guaranteed Income. This means that if​ after 30 days you​ are still not making $150 per day,​ Affiliate Junktion will pay you​ $150 per day until you​ are able to​ make $150 per day on​ your own! That is​ how confident they are of​ their program.

Who can Join?
Anybody with a​ computer and internet access can join Affiliate Junktion for free and start making money online,​ guaranteed. the​ recommended time to​ commit to​ the​ program is​ 1 - 3 hours per week. I spend at​ most 2 hours per week! Can I still join next year? Quite frankly,​ the​ sooner you​ join the​ better off you'll be. Places are limited and you​ might not be able to​ join later. After all,​ it​ is​ a​ free to​ join program which is​ truly rewarding.

To Conclude,​ the​ Affiliate Junktion Website Package includes:
- Free professionally designed Affiliate Junktion Website
- Free advertising credits for search engines (Yahoo! & Google)
- Free search engine submission to​ all major search engines
- Free domain name and $75 credit for hosting your website
- Free personal 1-on-1 support from your Affiliate Manager

Lastly,​ AffiliateJunktion is​ not a​ get-rich quick program,​ so expect to​ do a​ lot of​ work the​ first few weeks by following the​ step-by-step guide. With that said,​ good luck starting your online business.

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