Quick Selling Software

Quick Selling Software
This is​ one of​ most advanced high quality software packages available for sale .​
You get 20 quality software titles included,​ all of​ which you​ get resell rights to,​ so you​ can profit from every sale!
Non only can you​ choose to​ sell these popular and fast selling programs to​ other,​ but you​ can also give them away as​ bonuses,​ by including the​ entire package or​ individual programs,​ along with other software or​ product you​ are selling,​ on​ software membership sites,​ etc.
And unlike many of​ the​ other software and EBook packages out there,​ you​ only need to​ distribute one small file when selling or​ giving away the​ quick Selling Software package .​
No lengthy,​ complicated downloads or​ high bandwidth and server space concerns!
Once you've paid for the​ program,​ you​ get the​ rights to​ resell all the​ programs together or​ separately plus the​ web sales page .​
Of course,​ I​ believe you​ will also enjoy using these programs yourself for years to​ come .​
Even if​ you​ choose not to​ resell or​ give away copies of​ this software to​ others,​ you​ can rest assured that for the​ low price you​ paid for this fantastic software package you​ could have only bought one or​ two of​ the​ programs contained on​ the​ packages at​ prices.
You may sell or​ give away this entire Quick Selling Software packages or​ the​ software contained in​ this package to​ others.
So,​ this package include following software:
1 .​
Contact Form Wizard - a​ great tool that sets up a​ php file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function .​
Can either have 1 email address or​ give them a​ choice - contact forms like this are a​ great way of​ avoiding spam - your email address isn't put into the​ html .​
Prefix the​ email subject for easy sorting.
2 .​
Email Protector - in​ 2001,​ spam email accounted for 8% of​ email sent .​
Today,​ according to​ industry experts,​ it​ accounts for 64% to​ 85% of​ all email sent .​
Spam is​ a​ huge productivity drain on​ business .​
We tested several demo-version email harvesting programs and found that changing the​ @ and .​
to​ their Unicode equivalents was sufficient to​ fool the​ spambots.
3 .​
File Splitter - a​ great tool for splitting files to​ fit onto disks or​ use in​ emails .​
Can't send a​ file through email without your account timing out? Split it​ with File Splitter and send it​ in​ chunks .​
Has settings for splitting for floppies,​ small email,​ good size email and big files .​
Or you​ can choose your custom size .​
After splitting you​ just click Join Files then choose one main file.
4 .​
Form Builder - Quickly build a​ form that allows visitors to​ submit information to​ you,​ create your own one that has all the​ fields that you​ require - setup an​ unlmited number and you​ can make it​ so they are validated (have to​ be filled out) you​ can set it​ so it​ goes to​ one email address or​ they can select from a​ choice of​ address's .​
Very easy to​ use and also comes with a​ quick help file to​ get people going.
5 .​
IE ToolBox - Microsoft Internet Explorer is​ the​ most common browser in​ use .​
If you​ are a​ user of​ it,​ then it​ makes sense to​ keep it​ clean and running well .​
This program quickly and easily cleans the​ history,​ typed urls,​ cookies,​ temporary internet files and even has some misc options to​ speed up your web browsing experience.
6 .​
Image Viewer - Easy to​ use image viewer,​ one that doesn't change all you​ image file settings .​
Just pick the​ folder to​ browse and view images or​ use the​ slide show feature.
7 .​
Instant Download Form - Quickly create download forms on​ your website,​ where users can come along,​ enter there name and email address and have an​ email sent to​ them containing there download link - you​ also get an​ email with this persons email address .​
a​ fantastic tool for building up your mailing list!
8 .​
Java Source Machine - Java Source Machine,​ the​ best javascript tool! Java Source Machine includes 15 different javascripts and makes it​ easy to​ use them .​
You input what you​ want,​ then preview or​ generate code .​
Save the​ file as​ html or​ just copy and paste the​ code into your existing website page .​
Not only does this have the​ code,​ but tells you​ what browser it​ will work in.
9 .​
Meta Code Generator - Meta Code Generator makes it​ easy to​ MetaTags into your pages for your website .​
Easy to​ use .​
Fill in​ the​ blanks,​ then generate the​ perfect code to​ copy and paste into your site! Or use the​ insert tab and insert the​ code into Multiple pages! When using insert function you​ must add %meta% to​ the​ html where you​ want the​ code to​ insert at.
10 .​
Multi Search File Finder - Searching of​ selected drives for files .​
Searching of​ items within the​ first search .​
Delete items easily .​
Open the​ item to​ check what it​ is​ .​
Open the​ folder where the​ item is​ stored to​ see what else is​ there .​
Fast searching!
11 .​
Multiple Find and Replace - Simple and easy to​ use Find and Replace tool .​
Use to​ change text or​ html on​ multipy files.
12 .​
Note Organizer - Note organizer is​ an​ advanced program for storing notes,​ you​ can create as​ many sections as​ you​ want,​ sections on​ html snipets,​ peoples contact details the​ possiblitys are endless .​
Very easy to​ use and navigate - the​ is​ the​ best way to​ store notes .​
Add and remove folders and notes easily!
13 .​
Screen Capture - Screen Capture easily captures screenshots from your computer .​
Captures the​ last active screen,​ full screen or​ user selected area .​
Also numbers each picture consecutively .​
Creates jpeg images.
14 .​
Time to​ Stretch - Simple and easy to​ use program that reminds you​ when it's time to​ stretch .​
If you​ spend most of​ the​ day on​ the​ computer you​ probably aren't doing enough to​ keep you​ from getting RSI .​
The program reminds you​ to​ stretch your arms and legs so you​ don't have to​ get the​ pain of​ RSI .​
Very simple to​ use .​
Takes up little space on​ your desktop,​ can sit in​ the​ system tray.
15 .​
Traffic Wizard - Traffic Wizard is​ packed with 10 scripts which are easy to​ use to​ increase website traffic .​
These scripts include Break Frames,​ Bookmark Us,​ Email This Page,​ Set Homepage,​ Logo Branding,​ Frameless Popup,​ Browser Entry,​ Language (which routes traffic based on​ browser language settings),​ Avenue Search,​ and Popup Page.
16 .​
To Do List Manager - Add tasks and remove tasks,​ tasks can contain notes,​ set a​ date when it's due along with priority,​ sits in​ the​ system tray out of​ the​ way,​ print all the​ tasks out,​ auto saves and loads the​ list when you​ open close program,​ add an​ unlimited amount of​ tasks and edit any task that has been setup.
17 .​
Start Page Surfer - Do you​ surf alot of​ the​ start page's? (Surf pages,​ get credits then others surf your site) This program will surf 5 pages at​ once,​ it​ will block pop-up windows,​ reset the​ start page between 0-60 minutes incase a​ javascript changes it .​
Minimizes to​ the​ system tray to​ be out of​ your way
18 .​
Auto Hitz - Add as​ many start pages as​ you​ want .​
Limit how many times that start page is​ opened .​
Opens them randomly so hard to​ trace .​
Save and load lists of​ auto hitz pages .​
Many more great features!
19 .​
CSS Machine - Quickly change your boring pages with these easy to​ use CCS scripts .​
Effects from No underline links to​ Blurry Text effects .​
Contains 8 very popular script with quick description and how to​ put it​ into there pages .​
a​ very handy tool to​ have in​ a​ webmaster kit.
20 .​
ICQ Recieved File Remover - Easy 'Wizard' style interface for removing files that people have sent you​ via icq .​
If you​ got as​ many people on​ your list as​ I​ do,​ all everyone sends you​ a​ file now and then you'll see notice that the​ received files directory is​ taking up far to​ much disk space.

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