Quick Resume Writing Tips Evaluating Your Resume

Quick Resume Writing Tips: Evaluating Your Resume
Putting together a​ resume is​ not an​ easy feat,​ and many job seekers are so relieved to​ be done with this arduous task that they can’t wait to​ be done with it .​
Recall though,​ that your resume is​ a​ marketing tool and is​ the​ first impression an​ employer gets of​ you .​
a​ great resume will entice an​ employer to​ invite you in​ for a​ personal interview,​ while a​ fair to​ average resume will get pushed aside and ignored .​
Therefore,​ it​ is​ in​ your best interest to​ make your resume as​ strong as​ possible.
To help you in​ this task,​ review your resume against the​ following resume writing quick tips .​
These guidelines will help you evaluate your resume and identify those areas that may need more work .​

- Overall Resume Review:
Is your resume well laid out? is​ it​ pleasing to​ the​ eye?
Is your resume less than one page if​ you are a​ student or​ new to​ the​ workforce? is​ it​ less than three pages if​ you are an​ experienced professional?
Have you chosen legible fonts throughout your resume or​ do the​ fonts detract from the​ context of​ the​ resume?
Have you used spell check and/or dictionary to​ ensure that there are no spelling errors?
Has someone else (outside of​ yourself) read your resume for grammatical errors?
Does your resume use proper English?
Is your resume memorable? Does it​ stand out in​ a​ crowd (but in​ a​ positive way)?
Is your resume tailored to​ the​ type of​ position you are seeking?
How do you come across when your resume is​ read? What will an​ employee think of​ you?
Are you pleased with your resume? Does it​ do a​ good job of​ telling an​ employer who you are and why you are a​ good candidate?
- Introduction:
Do you have your name,​ address,​ and contact information clearly displayed at​ the​ top of​ your resume?
- Objective (if included):
Did you limit your objective to​ just one or​ two short sentences?
Is your objective clear and concise? Or is​ it​ ambiguous?
Is your objective focused? Does it​ make sense given the​ position you are targeting?
- Education:
If you have a​ college degree,​ have you placed the​ details of​ your Education at​ the​ top of​ your resume? If you do not have a​ degree,​ have you placed the​ Education section after your Professional Experience?
Is it​ clear from your resume that you have obtained a​ college degree,​ if​ you graduated?
If you did not graduate,​ is​ it​ clear that you do not yet have a​ degree?
Are details of​ your college major and minors (if applicable) included in​ the​ Education section?
- Professional Experience:
Is your work experience presented logically (either by date or​ by subject area)?
Have you limited your work experience to​ no more than 4-5 previous positions?
Have you accounted for any gaps in​ your work history that an​ employer might question?
Do the​ name of​ the​ company,​ your job title,​ and dates of​ employment for each position stand out for easy identification?
Does each position support the​ resume and your objective?
Could an​ employer quickly scanning your professional experience easily identify a​ number of​ key words and action verbs that will identify you as​ a​ solid candidate?
Have you limited the​ information in​ each position to​ those that are the​ most relevant to​ the​ position to​ which you are applying?
Does your experience seem to​ flow together or​ is​ there a​ lot of​ jumping around between positions,​ companies,​ and industries?
If you worked for a​ lesser known employer,​ is​ each company’s business and industry clear from the​ company’s name? Have you supplied a​ quick identifier for each lesser known employer?
Is your professional experience accurately and honestly conveyed?
- Skills:
Are the​ skills you have listed relevant to​ the​ position to​ which you are applying?
Do the​ skills listed accurately convey your experience and knowledge in​ each area?
- Other Sections:
Do any other sections included in​ your resume enhance your presentation? Are they relevant to​ the​ position to​ which you are applying?

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