Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Questions About Laser Hair Removal
This article answers a​ few of​ the​ most common questions about laser hair removal,​ including who it​ is​ suitable for,​ how much it​ will cost,​ which areas of​ the​ body it​ is​ most suitable for,​ and how permanent the​ results are.
Who is​ laser hair removal suitable for?
It is​ not suitable for​ everyone. the​ general rule is​ that the​ hair in​ question must be a​ darker color than the​ skin surrounding it. if​ the​ skin is​ a​ very dark pigmentation,​ it​ you​ may absorb too much of​ the​ laser energy,​ and so the​ treatment is​ not advisable. Those who are tanned with light hair are also unsuitable. Those who are tanned with dark hair should not have the​ treatment until their tan has faded.
Generally speaking,​ it​ is​ easier to​ perform the​ treatment on​ someone with light hair,​ as​ opposed to​ someone with dark hair.
How much does it​ cost?
The average session costs in​ the​ region of​ $500. Four or​ more sessions are usually recommended. Large areas such as​ the​ back will obviously result in​ a​ larger bill,​ and smaller areas such as​ the​ upper lip wont cost as​ much. Private consultations are recommended to​ assess the​ cost,​ as​ the​ number of​ sessions needed varies from person to​ person.
What areas of​ the​ body can hair be removed from using laser hair treatment?
Anywhere where there is​ excess hair. the​ only real exception is​ around the​ eyes. the​ most common areas are legs,​ back,​ bikini line and underarms.
Is it​ permanent?
Unlike shaving and waxing,​ laser hair removal is​ considered to​ be a​ more permanent form of​ hair removal,​ but the​ results differ according to​ the​ patient in​ question. as​ with all beauty treatments,​ do not choose the​ practice which offers the​ lowest price,​ as​ the​ treatment may not be of​ the​ best quality.

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