Queen Elizabeth Her Crown And Etiquette In The Workplace

It happens every day in​ the​ workplace. Those "sticky dilemmas." You encounter them all the​ time in​ marketing … like the​ CEO who wants to​ do his own TV spot when he is​ not only unattractive (that could be fixed) but comes off as​ deceptive in​ front of​ the​ camera (that would take a​ long time to​ fix).

How did I know? When you're a​ PR account executive,​ it's your job to​ know.

Is it​ your job to​ say so?

Well you aren't going to​ find this in​ the​ textbook. It's about emotional intelligence (EQ) and etiquette. it​ helps to​ learn the​ theory and how to​ apply it,​ because no textbook,​ no coach,​ can possibly anticipate all the​ surprises you will encounter even in​ one day.

The video of​ the​ latest multicultural blunder,​ when US photographer Annie Liebovitz asked the​ Queen of​ England to​ remove her crown in​ a​ photography session can be found on​ youtube.com. Some are labeling it​ "the BBC's groveling apology."

I don't agree that it's a​ "groveling" apology,​ I thought I was in​ order. the​ tape was grossly misleading. the​ scene implies she stormed out. it​ is,​ instead,​ tape of​ her arrival. That's the​ media for you.

That having been said,​ if​ you were photographing the​ Queen of​ England,​ would you tell her to​ take off her crown? in​ a​ line too good to​ have been scripted,​ the​ Queen replies,​ "What do you think this is?"

Quite a​ multicultural SNAFU here. Annie Leibovitz,​ hired to​ photograph the​ Queen,​ asks her to​ remove the​ crown (ever how nicely),​ telling her it​ would be more "casual." Well,​ yes,​ that it​ would.

And British commentators are quick to​ tell us that every Brit would know it​ wasn't a​ crown in​ the​ first place,​ it​ was a​ tiara. the​ crown is​ a​ little hard to​ miss.
Why quibble. in​ any situation,​ with any person,​ there is​ simply "going too far,​" and that's what happened here.

This sort of​ sticky dilemma comes up every day in​ the​ workplace. Actually at​ home,​ too (Do you think these pants make my butt look fat?)

Quick Quiz:

1. You've been asked by the​ lawyer you work for to​ critique his jury summary. it​ stinks. What do you say?

2. Your secretary's body odor is​ so bad you can't stand to​ be in​ the​ same room with her.

3. Would you edit the​ CEO's article for grammar? For content? His opinion that "no Asian woman can be trusted with…"?

4. Give negative feedback about anything to​ a​ "superior"? Even if​ it's your job? Even if​ you've been requested to?

5. Ask your Middle Eastern visitor to​ remove his head covering in​ the​ presence of​ the​ ladies?

6. Tell them you don't go to​ strip clubs,​ even if​ it's the​ fantastic dream corporation taking you out to​ court you for your dream job?

7. No on​ will go to​ the​ CFO's office. He's asking you why. Do you tell him that it's because he picks his nose in​ public?

8. Inform your boss that you find her cleavage and spandex unprofessional as​ well as​ tasteless?

9. Ask your French Moroccan printer if​ he'd like some bacon? Ask him if​ you can bring your wife along for the​ evening?

10. Ask someone in​ your office to​ quit swearing?


(1)These dilemmas come up all the​ time. as​ we​ become more global,​ it's going to​ get worse. There area host of​ things you can do,​ innocently,​ that may offend the​ person you're dealing with,​ that it​ would sure help if​ you knew about beforehand,​ from the​ dignitary whose wife has just died to​ the​ Asian who doesn't want a​ dozen anything for his thank you gift.

(2)There are many chances for misrepresentation,​ not just from the​ media. Check out the​ facts before you jump to​ conclusions. Use your common sense. the​ Queen of​ England would no more "storm out" of​ a​ room than your CEO would walk out of​ his office if​ you offended him. Would your secretary,​ who has proven herself to​ be honest and faithful over time,​ botch a​ document just to​ get overtime,​ like the​ gossipy paralegal whose been written up before is​ claiming?

(3) Don't like the​ protocol? Think it's silly? They don't. That tiara happens to​ be a​ symbol for the​ monarchy.

Etiquette and emotional intelligence are important to​ you personal and professoinal success for some many reasons! Besides,​ they made the​ world a​ nicer place.

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