Put A Little You In Your Marketing

Put A Little You In Your Marketing

Put a​ Little you​ in​ Your Marketing
One of​ the​ great advantages that small businesses have is​ that by their very nature they are more personal.
What clients experience in​ working with a​ small business tends to​ be more genuine and authentic? Today's tip is​ pretty simple - Leverage that fact and put a​ little more you​ in​ your marketing.
Lots of​ small businesses are finding out that one of​ the​ best things they can do for their marketing and sales is​ to​ start getting a​ little more personal with their audience .​
Let them know a​ little bit more about what makes you​ the​ way you​ are .​
How did you​ get into doing what you​ do? What are the​ things about you​ that shape your thinking?
Putting more you​ in​ your marketing helps to​ give your company a​ face and actually builds the​ know,​ like,​ and trust factor with your audience. People love a​ great story and relate to​ them much easier than a​ bunch of​ marketing speak that's clearly just trying to​ get them to​ buy .​
I​ just participated in​ one of​ John Jantsh's (Duct Tape Marketing) Ultimate Marketing System teleclasses this week .​
He believes every small business should include their story (a marketing story) as​ part of​ their marketing kit of​ materials .​
I​ think he's right.
So how do you​ put a​ little more you​ in​ your marketing?
1 .​
Put a​ picture on​ your web site,​ ezine,​ blog,​ networking follow-up thank you​ notes,​ etc .​
It lets people see the​ human being behind your small business.
2 .​
Reserve a​ little space in​ your newsletter or​ ezine for a​ personal section to​ tell readers a​ little bit about what's going on​ with you​ and your life .​
I​ just met with a​ financial advisor this week that has put together a​ little web site about his dogs .​
Who wouldn't want to​ take time out of​ a​ newsletter about financial news to​ read about what his dogs are up to​ and then go visit the​ web site to​ take a​ look? I​ guarantee if​ he follows my simple suggestion then his response rates will increase.
3 .​
Scrap the​ resume or​ bio on​ the​ About Us page of​ your marketing kit and web site .​
Give us a​ story to​ let us know who you​ are,​ why you​ do what you​ do,​ how you​ got into it,​ what interest or​ even fascinates you​ about your work,​ some of​ the​ things that you're most proud of,​ etc .​
People love a​ story and it​ will absolutely help people feel more like they know you​ and can trust you.
These are just a​ few ideas .​
Put a​ little more you​ in​ your marketing and make the​ most of​ one of​ the​ great advantages small businesses have.

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