Punk Hair Color 33

Punk hair colors are like regular hair dye products on​ steroids .​
Instead of​ naturally occurring human hair colors,​ punk hair colors are vivid shades you've never seen on​ a​ newborn baby .​
We're talking fire-engine red,​ royal purple,​ grass green and the​ like .​
Young people just love this new way to​ experiment .​
In a​ world of​ sameness,​ punk hair color makes a​ very bold statement indeed.
Before rushing out to​ buy your desired punk hair color,​ there are a​ few facts you​ need to​ know for​ a​ successful color job .​
Preparation is​ everything when you're considering a​ radical change.
One way to​ get a​ handle on​ the​ look you​ want: using a​ photo,​ try out your proposed look on​ paper or​ create a​ digitized make over .​
This helps avoid a​ disaster because skin color was not taken into account.
All hair dye is​ absorbed through the​ shaft of​ the​ hair .​
Your hair must be clean .​
Don't use conditioner before coloring,​ for​ maximum absorption.
Unless you​ have a​ natural pale blond color,​ you'll need to​ lighten your hair by bleaching if​ your color choice is​ electric pink or​ dayglo green .​
Carefully consider the​ effects severe bleaching may produce .​
If your hair is​ damaged from previous bleaching or​ perming,​ further bleaching can cause hair to​ break or​ even fall out in​ patches .​
Remember too that bleaching will bring the​ inevitable roots a​ few weeks down the​ road .​
You may want to​ consult a​ hair professional before making a​ final decision.
If you​ decide to​ bleach,​ know that the​ pigments of​ the​ dye are mixing with the​ color of​ your hair,​ much like mixing paint .​
If your punk hair color choice is​ bright red,​ and you've bleached your natural hair to​ a​ pale yellow,​ the​ result may be more orange than red.
Punk hair colors come as​ rinses (temporary) and dyes (permanent) .​
If your doing a​ punk hair color for​ the​ first time,​ it's probably safest to​ go with a​ temporary dye for​ your initial foray .​
If you​ dislike the​ result,​ you​ can hasten its demise with clarifying shampoos and conditioners .​
Rinsing in​ hot water also helps.
If you're not into bleaching,​ or​ in​ the​ case of​ younger kids,​ are forbidden by not so hip parents,​ there are other ways to​ make a​ very bold and classy statement .​
Punk hair color,​ applied to​ unbleached hair,​ produces a​ more subtle effect,​ but still unnatural enough to​ be noticed as​ cool.
Dark or​ medium brown colored natural hair dyed in​ a​ purple punk hair color results in​ an​ effect similar to​ henna,​ with individual hairs absorbing the​ color according to​ its natural shade .​
In other words,​ if​ you've got brown hair with warm highlights,​ your natural highlights are retained,​ but with a​ purple cast.
A few last words: follow all instructions in​ the​ kit carefully .​
If possible,​ use a​ stainless steel sink for​ the​ job .​
Punk hair color can be difficult to​ remove from old fiberglass tubs .​
Products are available to​ remove stains from skin .​
Thank goodness!

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