Pruning And Maintenance Tips For Indoor Plants

Pruning And Maintenance Tips For Indoor Plants

Pruning and​ Maintenance Tips for​ Indoor Plants
To keep your​ indoor houseplants healthy and​ thriving they will occasionally need to​ be
pruned or​ repotted. The process is​ very similar to​ the plants and​ just as​ important. Dead
or sick branches can affect the overall health of​ the entire plant and​ should be cut off.
and​ there is​ the esthetic aspect of​ pruning, it​ gives you​ plants a​ nice and​ tidy shape.
if​ you​ are pruning a​ branch off of​ a​ plant that is​ diseased with fungus it​ is​ very
important to​ disinfect your​ pruning shears after using them. if​ you​ do not, and​ continue
to prune your​ healthy plants there is​ a​ chance the fungus will spread to​ your​ other plants.
A solution​ of​ bleach and​ water will kill the unwanted organisms nicely.
When you​ look at​ the plant if​ it​ appears too full you​ can thin​ it​ out, this​ is​ important
around the base trunk or​ stem. you​ want good air circulation​ around the plant and​ if​ the
branches and​ leaves are too congested this​ will not happen. Trim enough of​ the excess
foliage away to​ let the plant breathe. When you​ are trimming branches to​ keep a​
uniform appearance to​ your​ plant just trim what is​ necessary. Prune the new growth to​
keep it​ inline with the rest of​ the plant.
As plants grow so do their root systems. if​ your​ plant isn’t thriving or​ you​ notice that the
roots are visible around the outside of​ the pot, your​ plant is​ most likely root bound. it​ is​
important to​ transplant the plant to​ a​ larger pot. Once you​ have chosen one and​ have
prepared it​ for​ the plant very gently loosen the roots on​ the outside of​ the root ball. Then
put the plant in​ the middle of​ the new pot surrounding it​ with new potting soil.

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