Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment
Provillus is​ a​ nonprescription oral supplement to​ aid hair growth and reverse hair loss. Provillus for​ men does this by blocking the​ production of​ an androgen called DHT Dihydrotestosterone,​ which clogs up hair follicles,​ leading to​ increasingly thinner hair an eventual baldness in​ men.
Provillus also claims to​ revive dormant or​ nearly dead hair follicles,​ which most other hair loss products will not vouch for. Provillus for​ women uses a​ slightly different formula which focuses more on​ cleansing the​ scalp and supplying nutrients to​ the​ hair follicles,​ enabling scalp hair to​ grow faster and thicker.
Ingredients Vitamin B6,​ Biotin,​ Saw Palmetto,​ Nettle,​ Gotu Kola,​ Pumpkin seed extract,​ Eleuthero Root,​ UvaUrsi and Muria Puama
While Saw Palmetto,​ Nettle and Gotu Kola are common to​ most hair fall control solutions,​ the​ pumpkin seed extracts,​ which contain carbohydrates,​ amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids are unique to​ Provillus,​ and provide a​ natural form of​ nutrient supplements to​ help nourish and revive nearly dormant hair follicles.
Usage Recommended usage is​ one to​ two capsules a​ day,​ for​ about 6 to​ 8 weeks. if​ no results are apparent by then,​ you​ would likely need to​ increase the​ dosage. Provillus for​ men and women are different products,​ to​ be used in​ different circumstances.
For women,​ it​ is​ mostly to​ control temporary hair loss due to​ hormonal changes,​ such as​ heavy menstruation or​ after pregnancy. Provillus for​ men will block an excess production of​ DHS by the​ body,​ and put a​ stop to​ hair loss,​ while some ingredients of​ the​ formula try to​ trigger increase in​ the​ hair growth rate.
Side Effects According to​ the​ company,​ there are almost no known side effects. No loss in​ sexual appetite for​ men,​ no scalp problems and nothing in​ their extensive studies hints at​ any signs of​ bodily disorder specifically due to​ the​ use of​ Provillus.
Some people may experience mild stomach disorders initially,​ but as​ the​ body gets used to​ the​ excess saw palmetto contained in​ the​ Provillus solution,​ these symptoms,​ if​ any,​ will fade away.
That said,​ the​ very effectiveness of​ Provillus,​ as​ a​ hair loss control solution,​ is​ in​ doubt by some people who have used the​ product and found no apparent change in​ the​ rate of​ their hair loss. No decrease,​ no increase,​ no side effects Nothing.
A lot of​ their customers have indeed benefited from a​ significant decrease in​ hair loss,​ and even increased hair growth. Point is,​ that it​ could go both ways. So maybe you​ should study the​ ingredients and consult your physician before you​ make a​ decision to​ opt for​ Provillus.
As stated above,​ Provillus is​ FDA approved,​ has a​ 100% money back guarantee and has no known side effects. So,​ there should be,​ ideally speaking,​ no harm or​ loss,​ in​ trying out Provillus.

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