Proven Secrets Of Writing And Publishing Your Own Ebook In Less Than A Week

Proven Secrets Of Writing And Publishing Your Own Ebook In Less Than A

In their ebook "How to​ Write And Publish Your Own Ebook... in​ as​ Little as​ 7 Days",​ Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale teach you how to​ adapt a​ proven ebook writing formula to​ vastly improve the​ performance of​ your own ebook writing techniques. Instead of​ re-inventing the​ wheel,​ you are taught how to​ find a​ topic,​ write about it​ and produce your own ebook,​ sometimes in​ as​ little as​ 7 days,​ reducing the​ trial and error sometimes associated with writing your own ebook.

Of course,​ we​ know about ebooks don't we? You cannot log on​ without being offered one. There are various degrees of​ credibility associated with ebooks from the​ brilliant informative ebooks that you hope that you are buying to​ the​ downright useless regurgitated rubbish that you are sometimes duped into buying. Well,​ we​ do not want to​ go down that route do we? No of​ course we​ don't,​ we​ want to​ produce a​ well thought out,​ well written and informative ebook that not only you will be proud of​ producing,​ but also an​ ebook that gives people value for money. So,​ having got that goal established,​ how do you even begin to​ research a​ subject that everyone is​ looking for and put it​ into words in​ the​ form of​ an​ ebook?

The authors are arguably two of​ the​ best exponents of​ the​ written word on​ the​ internet. Their step by step instructions in​ the​ "How to​ Write And Publish Your Own Ebook....In as​ Little as​ 7 Days" takes you logically and systematically through the​ creation process right through to​ the​ finished product. Their track record for writing informative and educational ebooks and articles,​ that have helped thousands of​ internet entrepenuers,​ is​ second to​ none.

At over 200 pages long,​ "How to​ Write And Publish Your Own Ebook....In as​ Little as​ 7 Days" has alot to​ offer those who really do not know where to​ start when writing an​ ebook. of​ course,​ even those who are adept at​ stringing a​ sentence together will probably find something useful in​ the​ book.

"How to​ Write And Publish Your Own Ebook...In as​ Little as​ 7 Days" is​ designed to​ teach you:

How to​ conceive an​ idea for an​ ebook that has a​ market with people willing to​ pay or​ it​ - either directly or​ indirectly.

How to​ write your ebook quickly and concisely in​ a​ way that conveys information so that people can use and implement it​ quickly.

Take positive action towards selling your ebook online by giving you a​ road map to​ start marketing your ebook on​ the​ internet.

The main instructional section is​ 80 pages in​ length and filled with informative and motivational text. So instead of: write a​ book,​ look for a​ market,​ hope and then give up what about: identify a​ niche market,​ identify needs,​ wants and problems,​ write a​ book that satisfies those requirements and then market your book to​ your niche and make some money.

If you think you cannot write,​ think you do not have anything to​ say or​ you do not want to​ write a​ full length ebook,​ that's okay,​ every eventuality is​ covered to​ get you to​ start writing. I mean let's face it,​ how much motivation do you need? I bet if​ you were offered $50.000 to​ write a​ short ebook you would soon get your pen and paper out!

Of course,​ there has to​ be constructive criticism and for me,​ I get bored with featured authors who contribute to​ add a​ few more pages to​ the​ ebook. However,​ you cannot dismiss the​ valuable advice of​ Yanik Silver,​ Kevin Donlin or​ Neil Shearing whose life experiences are included - with appropriate links to​ their websites of​ course! However irritating these featured articles are (and they will appear in​ other ebooks as​ well) they do provide a​ valuable in​ site into how they got to​ where they are now. Just remember to​ concentrate on​ one thing - writing and publishing an​ ebook -do not get hijacked by outgoing links to​ other sites.

"How to​ Write And Publish Your Own Ebook.....In as​ Little as​ 7 Days" is​ finished off with bonus reports for accepting credit cards,​ ebook cover design,​ web hosting and more. All designed to​ get your finished product published and making money.

If you are looking for well written,​ informative and value for money instructions on​ how to​ write your own ebook,​ whether you want to​ write 10 pages or​ 1000 pages,​ then I believe that this ebook does deliver on​ its promise to​ get you to​ write an​ ebook in​ as​ little as​ 7 days. the​ only thing it​ cannot do is​ write it​ for you.

Hopefully,​ the​ authors will collaborate again in​ the​ future to​ write an​ ebook that will again take the​ mysteries out writing and publishing on​ the​ internet.

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